Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#1248 Signs, Get In, 200-year-old Champagne, Serious Argy-bargy, Overcharging

Show 1248 Tuesday 20 July
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The movie I recommend watching today is a short film called Signs.

As it says in the description it’s: a simple short film about communication.

There’s almost no dialogue in this film … and the story’s not complicated, it’s easy to understand, so even beginners can enjoy this film.

One of the only bits of dialogue in the film is a phone message to the main character from his mother. He has just moved to the city and they’re giving him a call to see how he’s getting on. In the message, his mum says:

I bet you’re having an amazing time, surrounded by all those people.
Call us when you get in. You’re probably out partying with friends.

Get in is a phrasal verb with a few meanings.

It can mean: to win an election or to be admitted to a school, university etc.
but here it means to arrive.

Call us when you get in, means: Call us when you arrive home.


Swedish divers found at least 30 bottles of bubbly near an old shipwreck.
Apparently the champagne may have belonged to the King of France in the 18th century.
If this is the case, it could be worth millions of dollars.
The diving team asked a local wine expert to test one of the bottles.
She said it tasted "absolutely fabulous".

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 20th of July.
Kia ora.

Party at my place!

How was the champagne?
What champagne?

It could be worth millions!

I'm still not quite sure. I'll need to try a bit more...

Word of the Day

Today’s word is argy-bargy.

It says here: BrE, informal, noisy disagreement.

I think argy-bargy is arguing, with maybe a bit of pushing and shoving … but not a full on fight.

I heard this word yesterday when I was watching the video of the guy headbutting the other cyclist in the Tour de France.

The commentator said: This is serious argy-bargy.

(From 1:41)

conversations with sarah
#796 You actually said that?!

Step 1: Repeat Albert’s lines.
Step 2: Read Albert’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Sarah Almost every time I go into that shop they try and overcharge me.

Albert How?

Sarah Well, they ring it up as something else, like a more expensive variety of the same thing. Or they charge me for two packets when I’ve only got one.

Albert Maybe it’s just an accident.

Sarah Yeah that’s what I thought at first, but it happens almost every time.

Albert Do you think they’re doing it on purpose?

Sarah I don’t know. But I actually asked them yesterday.

Albert Really? If they are doing it on purpose?

Sarah Yeah. I said: Are you doing this on purpose?

Albert You actually said that?!

Sarah Yeah.

Albert What did they say?

Sarah She said: No.



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