Thursday, December 27, 2007

Show 593 Thursday 27 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The video I recommend today is the Queen’s speech.

As you know, you can watch it on YouTube (note: this used to be available on The Royal Channel, but has been made private) – and the best thing is, there is a transcript available, so you can read along while you’re listening to it.

I think this is the kind of video you could use in an ESL classroom too, to discuss things like the British Monarchy, the Commonwealth, the Queen’s English.

So, what can we learn from the Queen’s English today?

First, she uses an idiom: to turn a blind eye.

This means: to pretend not to notice sth bad that is happening, so you do not have to do anything about it.

For example, if you notice your neighbours are abusing their children, you could do something about it, or you could turn a blind eye, just pretend that you don’t notice anything is happening – which is probably the easiest option – but probably not the best.

That’s what the queen is saying, when she’s talking about helping people, she says: it’s all too easy to turn a blind eye ... and leave it to the experts and professionals.

It’s all too easy means it’s very easy, and I think that structure is used when it’s not a good thing that’s easy.

She says: All the great religious teachings of the world press home the message that everyone has a responsibility to care for the vulnerable.

“Press home the message” means tell people the message strongly, or emphasize the message.

So, that’s all pretty serious ... as for the funny side ... I think it’s pretty funny when the photographer says: watch the birdie.

I’ve never heard anyone say that before when they take a photo ... maybe it’s a royal thing.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, a campaign has been launched in New Zealand which uses blame and guilt to encourage people to be SunSmart this summer.

The Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) is a social marketing agency of the New Zealand government that markets health messages. One of their brands is SunSmart.
According to the SunSmart website:
NZ has one of the highest melanoma death rates in the world.
Over 300 New Zealanders die from skin cancer every year.
This year, SunSmart’s campaign warns parents to protect their children from sunburn now – or put them at risk of deadly skin cancer later in life.
The campaign includes a TV ad with images of sunburnt children and a woman in hospital – implying that your child could get cancer later in life.
The ad says: A child’s sunburn now could lead to melanoma skin cancer later on in life. Never let your child get sunburnt.

And that was Stick News for Thursday 27th of December.
Kia Ora.

at fire ICE

When did you start making this ice bar?

This year we started making the bar in December.

When did you start making ice bars?


Three, ah, two years ago we made the first ice bar here in Niseko.
Then, last year, we made one on Moiwa Mountain in Sapporo.

Where do you usually work?


In summer, I’m in Fukuoka and in winter, in Hokkaido. So I make things in a hot place in the summer and a cold place in the winter.

What do you do in summer?

Well, I produce many things, and design spaces, well I’m actually a sculptor but I don’t have one particular style, so I’m involved with many kinds of projects.

How many people do you have making this bar?


This year there are basically four people, plus some of the staff from last year and the year before that are also helping out.

fire ICEとは何ですか?
What does “fire ICE” mean?

fire ICEっていうのは相反するモノ、火と氷、南と北、それがこう合わさる。
Fire and ice are opposite things. Fire, ice, south, north. We put them together like this.

conversations with sarah
#361 That’s so sad

Step 1: Repeat Thomas’s lines.
Step 2: Read Thomas’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Thomas Do you know anyone that died of skin cancer?

Sarah Yeah, someone in my family actually.

Thomas Really? When?

Sarah About 10 years ago.

Thomas That’s so sad.

Sarah Yeah, it was. It is. They had young kids.

Thomas Oh, really ...

Sarah Mmm.


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