Sunday, October 08, 2006

#158 Soymilk

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#22 Soy milk

Soy milk is made from soybeans.
Apparently, you can make it at home, with traditional kitchen tools or a soy milk machine ... but I’ve never tried this.
When I came to Japan in 2001, you could buy soymilk at a tofu shop and there were a couple of different brands available at the supermarket.
Then, for some reason, there was a soymilk boom and more and more different types of soymilk started appearing on the shelves.
Soymilk is called 豆乳 (とうにゅう tonyu) in Japan.
This is the kind I usually buy. It contains organic beans and gaba whatever that is, and you can also make tofu from it – but I’ve never tried that either.
It seems like every time I go to the supermarket there’s a new flavour of soymilk.
Coffee, tea, cocoa, fruit mix, banana, sesame, black beans.
The smallest packet on the shelf is a kind of soymilk called sugoi daizu.
Great soybeans.
On the back of the packet there is an explanation as to how it comes to be so great.
Regular soymilk takes the okara or soy pulp out.
Okara contains protein and other useful things.
So sugoi daizu leaves it in.


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