Saturday, December 02, 2006

#213 How To Have A Bath - Old School Japanese Style

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How to have a bath

First, fill the bath with water.
Then go around the corner to the machine that heats up the bath.
It’s quite dark, so you might need a headlight like this.
Turn the dial on the right.
This controls the power. Turn it all the way to the right. This is full power.
Then turn the dial on the left. This dial is the timer.
It takes about 45 minutes to heat up the bath. So turn it all the way on then turn it back to 45.
When it is ready, turn the heat off.
Then stir the bath. This is really important because if you don’t do this the water at the top will be really hot and the water at the bottom will be really cold.
These are the tools that you need.
This stool is to sit on when you wash yourself. This is soap.
This thing is to scoop water out of the bath and you put it in this round container to use to wash yourself.
When you finish don’t forget to put the cover back on.

Show 212 Friday 1 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today was a great day. The mountain opened and tdes studio opened.
Ah ... we’ve been swamped with customers ... I’m exhausted.
Two new characters feature on the show today. This is K chan. K stands for kaeru which is Frog in Japanese. And this is Ms G ... G for Gorilla.
In questionanswer today ... some examples with these structures:
Which one is ... and He’s the one with …
These structures are useful if you’re trying to clarify who someone is.
For example if you’re talking about someone who’s in a group that’s some distance away ... say at an event.
Oh, my cousin Tim just arrived!
Oh, which one is he?
He’s the one with the goatee.
Oh, OK.


Kia ora in Stick News today champaign corks could be heard popping all over Niseko today as two long awaited events happened to coincide on the same day. Today the mountain opened and so did tdes studio.

The Niseko season started on the 23rd of November but a lack of snow meant that the mountain has been closed for the last week.
Finally, the mountain opened today.
This afternoon was also the hugely anticipated opening of tdes studio.
The carpet may have been blue, but the ribbon was unmistakably red.
Unfortunately the Kutchan mayor had to cancel his scheduled appearance at the last minute. So The Daily English Show director stepped in to do the honors.
After the 2pm opening customers constantly flooded into the studio and the locals were thoroughly impressed.

Tdes studio will be open throughout winter from 2pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The studio will be closed mornings, weekends and any afternoon when the staff decide the mountain conditions are too good to miss.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 1st of December.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

Today the mountain opened for the first time this season.
We arrived in Hirafu just after 8:30 and bought our season tickets.
It was quite exciting ... I’ve never bought a season pass before.
Then we snowboarded for a couple of hours. Only a few lifts were working. And they were chairlifts without hoods. It was snowing and windy so it was really cold. It’s still the start of the season so you can still see lots of trees.
This signs says be careful when you’re riding because there are things like bushes and rocks sticking out of the snow. On the way home I saw this lucky kid being pulled along.

conversations with sarah
#126 Isn’t it always cold?

Step 1: Repeat Eric’s lines.
Step 2: Read Eric’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Eric So you went snowboarding today. How was it?

Sarah It was good. So cold though.

Eric Isn’t it always cold?

Sarah Mmm not always. Depends on the weather. Like if you’re in a chairlift with no hood and it’s snowing and windy then it’s pretty cold.

Eric Were there many people on the mountain?

Sarah No, not really. There was only 2 lifts working so it’s not really worth traveling a long way for.

Eric Was only the top of the mountain open?

Sarah Yeah. So we had to come back down on the chairlift which was pretty cool. I’ve never done that before.