Friday, October 19, 2007

Show 534 Friday 19 October

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Today we went to Halifax. The trip went smoothly until just before we arrived in Halifax and suddenly the bus crashed into the car in front. So we had to wait for about an hour before we could continue. Luckily no one on the bus was hurt but the guy in the car got taken away in an ambulance.

We all had to give our details to the police.

This is Halifax.

First we went to Keith’s brewery. We did a tour. The tour was great. The guides were all dressed in costumes and they spoke as if they were living in the 1800s. It was really cool.

In we go on folks. Time's a-wasting.

We had to show them ID and wear a sticker.

Hello folks, how are you doing today? Good. Well, my name’s Amy O’Hara and Mr. Keith gave me explicit instructions to take you under my wing, so to speak, and to show you what it is you’ve gotten yourselves into. So follow me, right this way.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to film anything. But we were allowed to take photos.
On the tour they showed us a movie and talked about the history of Keith’s.

The guides stayed in character the whole time. This guy was brilliant. He was very funny.

They served us beer, sang, danced, told us a story, and played a game. I fully recommend this tour if you’re ever in Halifax.

After the tour we walked around Halifax for a bit.

Then we went to a shopping mall where I saw a Spiderman bucket and a singing tree, but nothing else that was very interesting.

Signs from the tour:


time's a-wasting = we are wasting time

take you under my wing
under one's wing = in or into one's protective care

n. (archaic) a scoundrel

n. a dishonest or unscrupulous person; a rogue

n. a dishonest or unprincipled man, a mischievous but likeable person

adj. without moral principles, not honest or fair

n. pl. (old-fashioned or humorous)
a fight in which people hit each other with their fists


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