Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#1028 Kitchen Vs Chicken, Expert Village, Korean YouTube, 911 Maths, Shun The Non-Believer!

Show 1028 Wednesday 15 April
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

I was listening to The House Song by We Are Busy Beavers and I was surprised by this line in the song: kitchen, not chicken.

And in the description they ask this question: Why do so many children mistake a kitchen for a chicken?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone make this mistake … although I think it’s understandable because the sounds are similar.

But I searched online and I found other people saying that the chicken/kitchen thing was a common mistake, so I was curious to ask you: Have you ever had trouble with these words? Or did you when you were a child? Or have you heard people getting these words mixed up?

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The site I recommend today is called Expert Village.

It’s a site with thousands of instructional videos on all kinds of topics.

For example:

How to Avoid Overheating a Tractor Engine

Tips for Buying Garlic

The great thing about this site is that every video has a transcript. So if you find some videos on topics that interest you – whether it’s sports or cooking or whatever then you might enjoy studying with these videos. And you can study English and learn something new at the same time.


Kia ora in Stick News today Google has disabled user uploads and comments on the Korean version of YouTube.

On the first of April a new law came into effect in Korea, the Cyber Defamation Law. The new law limits anonymous uploads and commenting. Users who upload videos on a site that gets more than 100,000 visitors a day, must now provide their real name and national ID card number. Instead of creating a new registration system for users in Korea, YouTube has decided to block all uploads and comments from users in South Korea who have their country preference set to Korea.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 15th of April.
Kia ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report
at MSK JR Apartment

The temperature’s getting warmer and warmer in Kutchan – and look what I found popping out of the ground near my apartment. Tulips!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is shun.

I just found a cool site with sound bites that you can embed and they have transcripts too … it’s very cool.

And I found some quotes from Charlie the Unicorn which is a famous online video.

And the quote I want to talk about today is: Shun the non-believer.


So what does shun mean?
shun, verb, persistently avoid, ignore, or reject

When people leave religious groups they are sometimes shunned by the people who still belong to that group.

conversations with sarah

#649 What’s the matter?

Step 1: Repeat the operator’s lines.
Step 2: Read the operator’s lines and talk to the boy.


Operator 911 emergencies.

Boy Yeah I need some help.

Operator What’s the matter?

Boy With my math.

Operator With your mouth?

Boy No with my math. I have to do it. Will you help me?

Operator Sure. Where do you live?

Boy No with my math.

Operator Yeah I know. Where do you live though?

Boy No, I want you to talk to me on the phone.

Operator No I can’t do that. I can send someone else to help you.

Boy Okay.

Charlie the Unicorn - transcript

Blue: Hey Charlie! Hey Charlie wake up!

Pink: Yeah Charlie, you silly sleepy head, wake up!

Charlie: Ugh. Oh god, you guys. This had better be pretty freakin’ important. Is the meadow on fire?

Blue: No Charlie, we found a map to Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain, Charlie.

Pink: Yeah, Charlie, we’re going to Candy Mountain. Come with us, Charlie.

Blue: Yeah, Charlie. It will be an adventure. We’re going on an adventure, Charlie.

Charlie: Yeah, Candy Mountain, right. I’m just gonna, you know, go back to sleep now.

Blue: Noooo, Charlie! You have to come with us to Candy Mountain.

Pink: Yeah Charlie, Candy Mountain. It’s a land of sweets and joy …and joyness.

Charlie: Please stop bouncing on me.

Blue: Candy Mountain, Charlie.

Pink: Yeah, Candy Mountain.

Charlie: Alright fine, I’ll go with you to Candy Mountain.

Blue + Pink: La la la la, la la la, la la la la la la la la …

Charlie: Enough with the singing already.

Blue: Our first stop is over there, Charlie.

Charlie: Oh god, what is that?

Blue: It’s a Liopleurodon, Charlie.

Pink: Magical Liopleurodon.

Blue: It’s gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain.

Charlie: Alright guys, you do know there’s no actual Candy Mountain, right?

Blue: Shun the non-believer.

Pink: Shuuun…

Blue: Shhhhhuuuuuuuuun.

Charlie: Yeah.

Liopleurodon: (screech)

Blue: It has spoken.

Pink: It has told us the waaaaaay.

Charlie: It didn’t say anything.

Blue: It’s just over this bridge, Charlie.

Pink: This magical bridge, of hope and wonder.

Charlie: Is anyone else getting, like, covered in splinters? Seriously guys, we shouldn’t be on this thing.

Blue: Chaaarlie. Chaaarlieeeeee. Chaaarlie. Chaa—

Charlie: I’m right here, wadaya want?

Blue: We’re on a bridge Charlie. We’re here.

Charlie: Well wadaya know? There actually is a Candy Mountain.

Blue: Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain. You fill me with sweet sugary goodness.

Pink: Go inside the Candy Mountain cave, Charlie.

Blue: Yeah Charlie, go inside the cave. Magical wonders are to behold when you enter.

Charlie: Yeah, ah, thanks but no thanks. I’m gonna stay out here

Pink: But you have to enter the Candy Mountain candy cave, Charlie.

C-A-N-D-Y: Oh, when you're down and looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the Candy Mountain cave.
When you get inside you'll find yourself a cheery land
Such a happy and joy-filled and perky merry land.
They've got lollipops and gummy drops and candy things
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day
It's impossible to wear a frown in candy town
It's the Mecca of lovely candy cave
They’ve got jellybeans and coconuts with little hats, candy rats, chocolate bats
It's a wonderland of sweets
Ride the candy train to town and hear the candy band, candy bells
It's a treat as they march across the land
Cherry ribbons stream across the sky into the ground
Turn around, it astounds!
It's a dancing candy tree
In the candy cave, imagination runs so free
So now Charlie please will you go into the cave?

Charlie: Alright fine, I’ll go into the freakin’ candy cave. This had better be good.

Pink + Blue: Yaaaaah!

Blue: Goodbye Charlie!

Pink: Yeah, goodbye Charlie.

Charlie: Goodbye? What? Hey! What’s going on here? Hello? Who is that?

Charlie: Ow, ugh, what happened? Ahh, they took my fricken’ kidney!

Filming Notes

The snow report photos were taken on Tuesday 7th April 2009 in Kutchan, Japan.
The ending shots were filmed on Wednesday 8th April from MSK JR Apartment in Kutchan, Japan.


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