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Show 369 Monday 7 May

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today’s guest is Maki.
Maki is from Hyogo. She went to New Zealand at the end of January 2005. And she stayed in Auckland for 10 months and studied reflexology and worked at a Japanese restaurant.

What is the food like at Japanese restaurants in New Zealand?

Yeah, sometimes good. But sometimes terrible. Yeah. When I see sushi, sushi is always with nori and rolling, roll sushi. And my friend asked me in Japan ... actually my boyfriend asked me about sushi in Japan. He said “what is this?”. “This is sushi”. And I said ... and he said “no, sushi should be rolling”. So, I was surprised.

What most surprised you when you went to New Zealand?

Ah, it was ... I didn’t know about Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese things, more than I thought. I studied a lot of things in New Zealand about Japan. About what did Japan do at the World War 2, or yeah ... many things. In Japan we can watch the movie about the war but they are just only for Japanese side.


Kia ora, in Stick News today over 100 cities in China are taking part in a no car day in an attempt to reduce pollution.

In China, there are a lot of people and a lot of cars.
Reuters reported an estimated 1,000 new private vehicles hit the streets of Beijing alone each day.
Cars may be convenient but they cause pollution which affects people’s health.
China’s first no car day is on September the 22nd. In the participating cities, private cars will be barred from some roads.
People will have to walk, ride bicycles, use public transport or take taxis.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 7th of May.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#229 Why did you decide to study reflexology?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Maki.

Sarah Why did you decide to study reflexology?

Maki I was studying aromatherapy before and I studied a bit of massage, face massage. And I thought, “oh this is very interesting”. So I thought I want to study more and more. And my teacher recommend me the reflexology.

Sarah Were there a lot of Japanese people in Auckland?

Maki Yes, unfortunately I got only Japanese friend in New Zealand. So I didn’t have any chance to speak English. So ... it wasn’t good for me, I think now.

Sarah Was it hard to make Kiwi friends?

Maki Yeah, because my work was Japanese restaurant and Japanese reflexology salon. So all staff were from Japan and easy to talk. So, yeah, it was hard for me.

Sarah Do you know anyone that stayed in New Zealand but didn’t learn much English?

Maki Yes. Actually, I’ve been to New Zealand with my friend, with my best friend, to study reflexology. He, no she’s got a Japanese boyfriend there and she doesn’t like speaking English and she doesn’t talk any English there and now she can’t speak any English.

Sarah Did your way of thinking change after living overseas?

Maki Actually I had a culture shock in Japan when I got back Japan. My best ... I went to shopping with my best friend and she said “oh, look at him, he’s gaijin. Gaijin, gaijin.” And I thought “so what?” Yeah, many people were pointing him, oh ... Because my town was not big city and not many foreigner. But, in New Zealand, many different skin, different colour hair. So I didn’t surprise about him. But, mmm, it was my culture shock.

Sarah What do you do to study English now?

Maki Now I like to watch the anime. South Park or bro’Town. But I think half I can understand, but half I can’t. So I always watching twice, three times, four times. Yeah, this is my studying.

Sarah You must learn some interesting words.

Maki Yeah, yeah, sometime my boyfriend got angry when I use that word from the TV.

Sarah Are you planning on doing any more travelling?

Maki Yes, I think I’m going to Australia for two years, working holiday. There’s another reflexology salon there. I knew the place. And I could work there if I want. I will try maybe.


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