Sunday, September 14, 2008

#825 Iced Tomato Salad

Show 825 Sunday 14 September
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Sunday Kitchen #107 Iced Tomato Salad

When I was in Sapporo for iSummit, I went to an izakaya one night and had a tomato dish. It was very tasty so I decided to try and recreate it at home.
Not that it was hard. It was just a matter of slicing some tomatoes and putting them on some crushed ice.
The hardest thing was trying to crush the ice.
I know we do have a hammer somewhere, so I looked for it for a while before giving up and using a different tool. It kind of worked.
I put the tomatoes on the ice and sprinkled salt on the tomatoes.
Somehow it didn’t look quite as stylish as it did at the izakaya.
Still, it tasted pretty good.


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