Saturday, November 25, 2006

#206 Day 25: Kutchan - Making Christmas Decorations

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 25: Kutchan

Today one of our neighbours came over to say hello and she said she was worried that someone might have died because of our window display.
That’s when I learnt something new about Japanese funeral style. When someone dies people hang a kind of straw mat in the window with the dead person’s name on it.

I quickly took the straw mat down and we sorted out some better curtains. We bought a curtain rod and some material at the second-hand shop and some clips at the hardware shop.

I also made some Christmas decorations today.
I made some trees out of a cardboard box and some tinfoil.
I bought some Christmas lights and hung them in the window in the shape of a star.