Saturday, December 19, 2009

#1130 Relay Swimming Race In Lake Biwa, Japan

Show 1130 Saturday 19 December
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In August this year, The Daily English Show went to Honshu to watch a swimming race.

Then we took the bus to Kyoto.

The next morning we drove to Shiga Prefecture.
The team we came to film was called Little Mermaid, Big LongFeng.
They were the defending champions.
In the car on the way we asked the athletes how they were feeling about the race.

The event was held in a lake called Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.

The teams gathered at Hikone port.
And that was where we met the remaining members of Little Mermaid, Big LongFeng.

We also talked to a member of a rival team.

Little Mermaid, Big LongFeng tied some fish to poles to help the team members recognise their boat.

This year was the 14th time the Biwako Cross Swim had been held.
There were nine teams.

And then there were some announcements.

They said there was a chance that the race might have to be cancelled because the conditions might be too bad out on the lake.

The teams all briefly introduced themselves.
Little Mermaid Big LongFeng handed back the trophy they won last year.
Each team boarded a separate boat and the organizers reminded everyone again that they might not be able to go ahead with the race.


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