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Sarah’s Diary: Nelson

3rd July 2007
I thought I'd show you some pictures of Nelson.
So this is me hitchhiking to Nelson. It's about a 20 minute drive, so it's a bit too far to walk.
And this is Nelson!
We've brought lunch to town and eaten on these chairs by a church a few times.
We call it the Church Cafe.
This is the ceiling of the dentist's office.
It's covered in pictures. It's pretty cool.
This is a cool thing made of wood in a shop.
This is a café.
This is a guy making something. Jewelry, I think.
This is the Salvation Army shop. Great shop!
This is the place where Harry was staying in Nelson.
Inside Harry’s room.
Another café.
And hitching home.

9th July 2007
On the 9th of July we went to Nelson again.
It was 29 degrees.
This is inside a grocery store. Mmmm nuts.
This is a waterfall in Nelson.
This is Harry sitting in the creek.
This is Harry trying to catch a rock.

16th July 2007
On the 16th of July we went into town to go to the post office.

17th July 2007
On the 17th of July we went into Nelson really early in the morning to join some people doing a meditation by the lake.

18th July 2007
On the 18th, we visited a cool little shop called very hush hush.
Bailey always seems to be happy to see us when we get home.

25th July 2007
On the 25th we went to Nelson to visit the tofu shop.

28th July 2007
And the last time we went to town it was to see Funk Republic.


Oso Negro
Dancing Bear Inn
the Mate Factor Cafe
Kootenay Co-op


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