Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Show 564 Wednesday 28 November

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

I found a couple of mistakes to share with you today.

Mistake number 1 comes from this magazine called ニセコWalker – it’s a kind of advertising magazine for Niseko.

And on page 22 it says: “snowborder Tomoki Takaku”.

What’s wrong with this word?
It’s missing an a.

Bored/board is spelt b-o-r-e-d or b-o-a-r-d but never b-o-r-d.

You can use this bored if you’re not having fun.
This party is boring. I’m bored.

And this board is for a long thin piece of strong hard material, like a piece of wood.


All b-o-a-r-d.

Mistake number 2 is from the Niseko Grand Hirafu website.

They have information in English about the conditions on the mountain. And under Monday’s entry it says this:

Today, 「Kokutai course」「Tachi course」「Alpen course」 which were supposed to be opened are closed again due to the bad condition caused by lucking of snow.

Lucking of snow?
What does that mean?

I think the word they want is lack.

Lack and luck are different.

Luck n. success or failure apparently brought by chance.

There are many idioms with luck too I can see when I push my magic idiom button.

Any luck?
as luck would have it
be down on your luck
better luck next time
just my luck
the luck of the draw
no such luck
luck out

Anyway, lack is completely different.
Lack n. the state of not having sth or not having enough of something.

So there is a lack of snow on the mountain at the moment.
There is not a luck of snow.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today a car thief in New Zealand told police she stole a car because it was too hot to walk in summer.

A 33-year-old woman in Tauranga, New Zealand took a car for a test drive.
She never returned to the car yard, so the next day, they called the police.
Three days later a car salesperson found the woman sitting in the car at the supermarket opposite the car yard.
She handed over the keys and walked away. But police found her thanks to documents she left in the back of the car.
She told police it was too hot to walk in summer and she needed a car to get around.
The woman was sentenced to 100 hours community work.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 28th of November.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#343 You don’t like New Zealand?

Step 1: Repeat Laura’s lines.
Step 2: Read Laura’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Laura Where would you recommend to go in New Zealand?

Sarah Mmm, I don’t know. Depends on the person, I wouldn’t even recommend New Zealand to some people.

Laura You don’t like New Zealand?

Sarah Yeah, I like New Zealand. But part of what I like about it is being a New Zealander ... I mean not because it’s a really great place or better than anywhere else ... but just being a New Zealander means I can do a lot in New Zealand. Do you know what I mean?

Laura Not really.

Sarah I mean ... that ... just, one of the things I’ve realized is how much more you can do if you’re, like, a citizen of a country.

Laura You mean, like, vote?

Sarah Yeah, like vote. But not just that ... I mean, yeah, yeah, there are those legal things that you can’t do it you’re not a citizen of that country. But there are also other things, like, invisible barriers.

Laura Yeah, I know what you mean. I guess that’s the downside to living overseas.

Sarah Yeah.

Laura But there are also good things.

Sarah Yeah. Oh yeah, of course, and, I mean, they have to outweigh the negatives right or else, what would be the point.


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