Saturday, January 31, 2009

#954 TDES Presents: Media Port UP By Nikon

Show 954 Saturday 31 January
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You’ve probably heard of a company called Nikon. They’re famous for making cameras.
Well, they recently started making a product called Media Port UP.

This is the lovely UP. You can use it to listen to music and you can watch videos on the screen.
It even has a wiper. Cool.

The UP staff must have excellent taste because they asked to use The Daily English Show as one of their channels.

And then they sent us one of the things to try out.

My first thought was: um, what’s the point? Who would buy one of these? And what’s wrong with a video iPod?

But then I thought about it some more and I realized there are many situations when it could be handy to be able to watch videos hands free.

For example:

If you’re a mechanic or a doctor and you want to follow instructions while working.
Or if you’re sitting on a train and would rather people didn’t know what you were watching.

When you’re a passenger in a car you can look at the scenery and watch videos at the same time.

When you’re waiting for someone at the train station in the middle of winter you can keep your hands warm in your pockets. And you can keep an eye out for your friend without having to look down and up from a video iPod.

If you’re tired you can lie down on a bench. So comfy.

Waiting at a bus stop.

The UP is also perfect for when you on the phone and you have to listen to someone rambling on … just say uh-huh every now and again and enjoy the video.

If you need inspiration at the supermarket, you can watch a cooking show while shopping. Just make sure you move the screen up before you walk anywhere or you could crash into innocent shoppers.

If you feel like a snack, you can open a bag of chips, hold the bag in one hand and shove the chips in your mouth with the other … all while watching your favourite show. Brilliant.

And if you’re getting a bit chilly? You can put another log on the fire! Actually maybe you shouldn’t do this … it’s kind of dangerous.

So ….

What do you reckon?
Would you buy one?


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