Saturday, April 15, 2006

#13 How To Study English

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#1 How to Study English

This is the transcript for the introduction:

Hi I’m Sarah. And this is The Daily English Show. It’s Saturday the 15th of April and this is show number 13.

And check this out. This is a microphone. And it has an excellent stand here, so I can put the microphone in the stand and use two hands.

Before I was using this microphone here, and um, I had to press this talk button and hold it so, ahh, I could only use one hand which wasn’t so good. And I kept moving the microphone into the camera which looked kind of silly, as well.

So, loving my new microphone today.

And I’m thinking about doing something about the lights too.

At the moment I’ve just got this one light in my room overhead. So it shines… and I have a shiny forehead and big dark shadows under my eyes.

So, it looks kind of scary. I’m thinking about getting some lights to shine from the sides to cut out the shadows.

But for today, loving my new microphone.

And today is Saturday so we have a different show today instead of the usual line up.

Um, last week there was Sarah’s Diary on Saturday.

And today, the first HOW TO show.
And a question that you’re probably all interested in: How to Study English.