Sunday, December 14, 2008

#916 Dango Snowman

Show 916 Sunday 14 December 2008
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Sunday Kitchen #120 Dango Snowman

To continue with the Christmas-themed food, I thought I’d try making a snowman out of dango.
Dango is incredibly easy to make – you just mix some rice flour and some water and make it into balls.
Then put the balls into boiling water and boil them until they float to the top and then scoop them out.
The tricky part was assembling the snowman.
I stuck the balls together with toothpicks.
It kept sliding over on the plate, so I decided to try putting some kinako on the plate.
I used a chestnut for a hat.
It was still sliding over so I leaned it against a cup.
I poked in some sweet black beans for eyes.
And a pine nut for a nose.
I cut some dried mango into the shape of a mouth.
Finally I gave him some arms.
Hmmm, a bit of a weird looking snowman.
But it tasted good.


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