Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#1284 Blame Vs Criticize, The Wine Kone’s “Boring” Tweets, Bathe Vs Swim

Show 1284 Wednesday 25 August
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Do you know the difference between blame and criticize? I heard someone confuse these two words recently.

If you criticize someone, you’re saying that you disapprove of them or their actions.

But if you blame somebody for something then you’re saying that they’re responsible for something bad, it’s their fault.

So if I say: Obama’s an idiot, then I'm criticizing him.

But if I say: Global warming is Obama’s fault, then I’m blaming Obama for global warming, or I’m blaming global warming on Obama.

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I’ve talked before about using Twitter to study English. I think it’s a good idea, both to write your own tweets for writing practice, and also to read other people’s tweets.

For example, if an actor or musician that you like, tweets, if you follow them and read their updates then it’ll be enjoyable and it’ll help improve your English.

I enjoy Pink’s tweets, she’s usually quite positive.
For example: I wish my eyes could take a picture of the moon reflecting on the ocean right now and send it to everyone in the world. Breathtaking.

I also enjoy Lily Allen’s tweets, she’s more sarcastic and complains a lot.
For example: Do people automatically switch their brains off when they step into an airports?
That’s a typo, obviously. She means: step into an airport or step into airports.

And another person whose tweets I’ve been really enjoying recently is thewinekone. He’s one of the original YouTube stars, and he makes very funny videos.

Recently he’s been on a quest to be the most boring person on Twitter.

Here are some of his tweets:

Adjusted my glasses.
Listening to a song while looking at a website.
Turning up the volume on the computer a bit.
Saving my Word document.
About to open a new tab to read the news!
Just stretched my arms above my head.


A woman in Australia bought a $5 lottery ticket for her husband’s birthday.
The man thought he’d won when he scratched the ticket and found a picture of a swimmer next to the word bathe.
The couple spent an excited night dreaming of how they would spend the $100,000 prize.
But when he went to claim his prize the next morning, he was told he didn’t win because the picture of the swimmer didn’t match the word “bathe”.
The lotteries organization said the word swim matches the swimmer and the word bathe goes with a picture of a bath.
The man said he felt deeply angry and cheated.
He took NSW Lotteries to court and won. The man will now be paid the $100,000 plus three years' interest and legal costs.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 25th of August.
Kia ora.



A romantic holiday …
… in a Ferrari …
… new shoes!

Sorry …



Word of the Day

Today’s word is bathe.
Let’s see what the Concise Oxford says about bathe.

v. wash by immersing one’s body in water
soak or wipe gently with liquid to clean or soothe
wash (someone) in a bath
take a swim
n. a spell of swimming

I don’t usually use the word bathe.
For swim, I say: swim, go for a swim, or go swimming.
And for washing I would say: have a bath, or wash someone in a bath.

I guess I might use it sometimes for: soak or wipe gently with liquid to clean or soothe.
How about you? Do you use the word bathe?

conversations with sarah
#823 She’s always blaming her husband

Step 1: Repeat Maki’s lines.
Step 2: Read Maki’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Maki She’s always blaming her husband.

Sarah For what?

Maki What do you mean?

Sarah What does she blame her husband for?

Maki She says her husband is lazy and doesn’t help enough with the housework …

Sarah Oh, I think you mean, criticize not blame.

Maki So I should say, “She’s always criticizing her husband”.

Sarah Yeah, that’s right.

Maki Thanks.



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