Saturday, January 30, 2010

#1153 Relay Swimming Race In Lake Biwa, Japan Part 4

Show 1153 Saturday 30 January
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The fifth swimmer was Ikeda Katsuhito.

I normally swim in the ocean. The water in the lake is warmer and there's no jellyfish and the water's not salty so even when I swallowed a bit, it wasn't too bad. So the conditions were good.

The last swimmer got cramp, so the reserve took over two minutes before his 30 minutes were up.

After about ten minutes, I got cramp. When I saw the sign for the last ten minutes I thought I would make it. But first I got cramp in my left leg, then in both legs. So I got Keisuke to take over. It was a bit of a bummer.

I only swam for a short time but the water was pretty warm and it felt good.
I only had to swim for two minutes so I swam as fast as I could.

After each swimmer had done a round of thirty minutes, they started from the first person again and did ten minutes each.

During the third ten-minute round, they reached the shore and all the swimmers jumped in and ran towards the finish line.

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