Wednesday, March 24, 2010

#1206 Apostrophes, Formspring, Menu Prices Like Stocks, ZOMFG, Tattoos

Show 1206 Wednesday 24 March
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Last weekend I went to a festival where there were lots of stalls selling … mostly stuff like food and T-shirts and there were a few selling temporary tattoos.

And one of them had a big sign saying: TEMPORARY AIRBRUSH TATTOO’S.

What’s wrong with that sign?

Yes, that’s right. It doesn’t need an apostrophe. The word has an s because it’s plural, not because it’s possessive or a contraction.

Here are some examples of sentences with the word tattoos/tattoo’s.

My tattoo’s colour is fading. (possessive)
She has three tattoos. (plural)
I think his tattoo’s cool. (contraction)

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Today I recommend a site called Formspring.

This site is just about asking and answering questions – so I think it’s an excellent one for studying English.

You could sign up in a class or a group of friends and ask each other questions for English practice.

And feel free to ask me a question here.

* Ask knf a question here.


Kia ora in Stick News today a new bar in the United States will have prices which fluctuate like shares on a stock market.

The Exchange Bar and Grill is opening in Manhattan on the 1st of April.
The prices of food and drinks will flash on a ticker tape and will change according to demand.
According to Reuters, the prices will fluctuate in 25 cent increments, but will most likely plateau at a $2 change in either direction.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 24th of March.
Kia ora.

Hmm...April fool?

Dude, my glass is empty and it's your round...
Yeah hang on. I'm waiting for the price to drop.

We're diversifying our investments!
Uh, I wanted a beer...

Word of the Day

Today’s word is ZOMFG.

Well, not that you’re actually supposed to say it like that. It’s an abbreviation that you normally write or read.

OMG stands for oh my god. And OMFG stands for oh my fucking god.
So what does the z stand for?

Well, you usually write OMG or OMFG in capitals, but when you go to press shift, you sometimes make a mistake, so instead of writing OMFG you end up with Zomfg.

So some people write the z in there on purpose, to be funny.

This is a free magazine that gets delivered to my apartment (building). And there’s a small article in here that says: ZOMFG IT’S KELLY CLARKSON.

from: The Groove Guide

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer who’s coming to New Zealand soon and the person writing this is excited because they like her.

conversations with sarah
#768 Do you have any tattoos?

Step 1: Read Amir’s lines.
Step 2: Repeat Amir’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Amir Do you have any tattoos?

Sarah Ah, yeah, just one.

Amir What’s it of?

Sarah Mmm … that’s a secret.

Amir Why? Is it something strange?

Sarah No, not really.

Amir Why won’t you tell me?

Sarah Well if I showed you or told you what it was you might think it’s stupid but you’d have to think of something polite to say … so I’d rather just not say.

Amir You don’t think I’d be honest?

Sarah Well, you don’t have much choice when you’re looking at someone’s tattoo. It would be pretty rude to say, “Wow, ugly tattoo. Why on earth did you get that?”




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