Saturday, July 21, 2007

#444 How To Feed Hummingbirds

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How to feed a hummingbird

First take down the empty hummingbird feeder.
Then unscrew the bottom part.
And take the top part off if you like. You probably don’t really need to do this – but I did.
Then rinse the glass with hot water.
Put half a cup of sugar into a measuring cup.
Fill the jar up with hot water to here.
Pour the hot water into the measuring cup and mix.
Pour the sugar and water into the jar.
Then fill it to the top with cold water.
Screw the red parts back on.
Carry the feeder outside upside down.
Turn it up the right way.
And make sure the steps are lined up with the flowers.
Hang it up.
And wait for hummingbirds.




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