Saturday, June 21, 2008

Show 770 Saturday 21 June

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1. It's that a dragon or a snake?

2. You don't see many streets like this in New Zealand.

3. Are those two red things both post boxes?

4. Stylish chair.

5. Wow. Beautiful.

6. Pretty buildings.

7. Interesting angle.

8. Pray.

9. It lookslike someone scribbled on the road with giant crayons.

10. Can you see the little yellow man?

11. Twenty five to twelve.

12. I wonder why someone took a photo of this?

13. I've been to this town, but only briefly.

14. Wow, so many wires. I love the colours in this photo and the lines.

15. Beautiful soft light.

16. Awesome clouds.

17. Wow, so many people.

18. Interesting lines and shapes.

19. Wheelbarrows.

20. Orange door.

21. Wonky lines. I've never seen that before.

22. I love this photo. I love the colours.

23. The plane looks like it's not moving. Just hanging there.

24. Wow, what pretty roofs.

25. Nice street. So green.

photo by: Jos Dielis


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