Friday, May 16, 2008

Show 734 Friday 16 May

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I recommend a song which I found on YouTube because it was featured on the front page.
The song is called: It Gets Lonely.
I think it’s a good one to study because it’s pretty simple, it’s easy to understand and the lyrics are pretty clear. And he has a really nice voice too.

I think the song is about a person who is lonely because a relationship has ended and they didn’t want it to end.

I’d like to talk about a couple of lines from the song.

One line is:
The meetings they are running late for

He’s talking about people who are running late for meetings.

To run late doesn’t mean that you are actually running, it just means that you are late. So what’s the difference between to be late and to be running late?

Well, if you are running late for something like a meeting or an appointment it means that you are not late yet, because you haven’t arrived at the event, but you know that you’re going to be late because it’s impossible for you to arrive on time – either because it’s going to take a certain amount of time to get there, or because the start time has already passed, so you know you’re going to be late.

Here’s an example from an article I found online about time management.

I'm always running late — doctor appointments, lunch dates, personal-training sessions. I have a problem getting to work on time, too.

I also found an article called:
Top 10 Excuses When You're Running Late

And I found a video online called:

How To Stop Running Late

One more thing about the song, there’s a line that goes like this: and people dressed to kill.

That sounds like people who are wearing army clothes to go and kill people, or hunting clothes to go and kill animals – but no, it’s actually an idiom. Dressed to kill is an idiom which means: wearing the kind of clothes that will make people notice and admire you.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today guards at a prison in Nova Scotia, Canada are refusing to work after asbestos was discovered at the prison.

Asbestos is a group of minerals with long, thin fibrous crystals.
Apparently, the
Greeks called asbestos a "miracle mineral" because of its soft and pliant properties, as well as its ability to withstand heat.
Wikipedia says, unfortunately, this "miracle material" is now known to be highly toxic. The
inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illnesses, and since the mid 1980s, many uses of asbestos have been banned in many countries.
The Cape Breton Correctional Facility is a provincial jail in
Sydney, Nova Scotia which houses 76 inmates.
When it was built 33 years ago asbestos was used in construction as a
fire retardant.
Now nine staff members at the prison are refusing to work because they believe it is unsafe.
Wikinews reports the location is now undergoing testing, and the police will be providing emergency staffing until the issue is resolved.

And that was Stick News for Friday 16th of May.
Kia Ora.

Word Of The Day

Today’s word is retard.
Retard is a verb which means to delay or hold back in terms of development.

The word is also used as a noun, put it’s pronounced differently.

retard v. /ri’ta:d/
retard n. /’ri:ta:d/

The noun can be used in a derogatory way to refer to a mentally challenged person but it's more commonly used as a general insult, like the word idiot.

friday joke

Three boys were hanging out at the top of a cliff. One of the boys saw a bottle and picked it up. Suddenly a genie popped out of the bottle and said: “Thank you for releasing me from this ancient curse. If you jump off this cliff and call out whatever you desire, you will land safely in a boat in a bountiful pile of that which you named.”
Then the genie disappeared.
The boy thought for a while, then leapt off the cliff, calling, “GOLD”, and he landed in a boat full of gold.
The second boy thought for a while and then jumped off the cliff calling: “DIAMONDS” and he landed in a boat full of diamonds.
The third boy was so excited that he forgot to think of anything to wish for and jumped off the cliff yelling, “WEEEEEE”.

conversations with sarah
#448 I guess I could get in trouble

Step 1: Repeat Kana’s lines.
Step 2: Read Kana’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Kana Does retard mean the same thing as idiot?

Yeah, but retard is stronger.

Kana So people would be offended if I called them that?

Sarah Yeah, well it depends on the person.

Kana Some people wouldn’t be offended?

Yeah, well, some people jokingly call their close friends names like idiot or retard or fool. But I don’t recommend trying it.

Kana I guess I could get in trouble.

Sarah Yeah, if you judge the mood wrong they could get really annoyed.



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