Monday, May 25, 2009

#1040 TDES Returns, Yohei From Japan, 3-year-old Buys $20,000 Digger

Show 1040 Monday 25 May 2009
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Long time no see! I hope you’ve been well. I’ve had a really nice break. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in Niseko.

Over our spring break I spent a bit of time working on our website:
It doesn’t look that much different but it has changed a bit. The main thing we’ve done is add some lists of the topics we’ve covered on past shows.
You can see on the left there’s a list of the segments of the show like Click Here or The Acadia Report. And … for example, if you click on Movie, there’s a list of all the movies we’ve studied.
And if you click on Friday Joke, there’s a list of all the jokes. So hopefully some people will find that useful.

There are also pages with other information that people may or may not be interested in, like a list of the equipment we use.
I guess most people aren’t interested in that … but every now and then someone leaves a comment asking what kind of camera or whatever we use, so I thought I’d write it all down. Not that I necessarily recommend any of the stuff we use, but if you’re curious, go and check that out.

Today’s guest is Yohei. He’s originally from Sapporo and he’s now living in a place in Hokkaido called Hidaka where he works as a rafting guide during the summer and this winter he was living here in Niskeo. I met him in Hirafu at the end of March when there was still snow everywhere – and I asked him what he did during the winter.

Shovelling snow, playing guitar, at the pub, something like that.


Kia ora in Stick News today a three-year-old girl in New Zealand did some online shopping and bought a digger for $20,000.

A three-year-old girl decided to play on the computer while the rest of her family were asleep. Her mother had already logged onto an auction site called Trade Me. The New Zealand Herald reported that with a few clicks of the mouse the girl won the most recent auction listed on the site’s homepage – a digger for 20,000 dollars. The mother said when she next used the computer she saw an email from Trade Me saying she had won an auction and another email from the seller saying something like 'I think you'll love this digger'. She said when she saw $20,000 she got the shock her life. The woman explained what had happened to Trade Me and to the seller and the digger was relisted on the site.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 25th of April.
Kia ora.

conversations with sarah

#656 How did you learn English?

with Yohei Aruku

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Yohei.

Sarah How long have you been a rafting guide?

Yohei About eight years.

Sarah What do you enjoy about your job?

Yohei Feel very relaxing in the river, sometime. Sometime very exciting. Sometime relaxing.

Sarah How did you learn English?

Yohei At school, at high school. And … travel overseas.

Sarah Where have you travelled overseas?

Yohei I’ve travelled to Canada and, and Australia. And some other South American countries.

Sarah How long did you spend in Canada?

Yohei Spent about, about two, two seasons which is one year in total.

Sarah Whereabouts in Canada were you?

Yohei I don’t know if you know the town. It’s a very small town, it’s called Boston Bar. It’s in Fraser Valley. I was living in … by the river. Which is the river called Nahatlatch River. It’s a very beautiful place to be.

Sarah What were you doing there?

Yohei Rafting. Working. Fixing, fixing fences and build house and peeling, peeling woods and cutting, cutting woods … something like that.

Sarah Did it help your English?

Yohei Yes, yes, because there was no any Japanese. We had a very international faces, from Europe, from Mexico, myself, Japan.

Sarah Where were you in Australia?

Yohei In Cairns.

Sarah Was that river different from the other rivers you’ve worked on?

Yohei Quite different, but river is river. But very warm, very, very warm water. You want to be in the water because it’s very hot outside. And also river is very steep. It’s actually a very, very nice river … good river to raft.

Sarah Do you have any advice for people who are learning English?

Yohei You have to force yourself to, to speak. Like you can, you can see many, you can see people from, from same country in overseas, anywhere, you know, but if you, if you gather, like, with the same nationalities, you won’t, you can’t, you can’t learn much … English.


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