Sunday, April 16, 2006

Show 14 Sunday 16 April

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Hi, I’m Sarah and this is The Daily English Show. It’s Sunday the 16th of April and this is show number 14.

These sunglasses are genuine 80’s sunglasses. They were found at the back of a wardrobe in a box, recently. Not my wardrobe. I was only a child in the 80’s and not nearly anywhere as stylish enough for fantastic sunglasses such as these. I do realize how hideous they are. But I also think they have a certain charm, so I thought I’d wear them on the show today.

Today is Sunday Kitchen and I’m making orange juice.

So, to make orange juice, you need some oranges, and a chopping board, a knife, a glass, and a juicer.

The first thing you have to do, is cut the oranges. These oranges are quite small, so maybe you need about 3, for enough ... for this glass.

So cut the oranges. Make sure you don’t cut your fingers. Then, when you’ve finished cutting the oranges ... take half an orange, like this, and press it against the juicer. Until ... all of the inside of the orange is ... out ... like this ... and continue with the rest of the oranges.

And that’s all. And then take the ... this green part ... off ... like this. And this is the orange. And pour it into the glass. And it’s finished. Mmmmm ... a delicious glass of orange juice.

And now it’s time to drink the juice. Mmmmm. Mmmm. Fantastic.

There’s nothing like a glass of fresh orange juice. Mmmm. So nice.

And that’s all for The Daily English Show today.
See you tomorrow. Bye!