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#1275 Saif From India/NZ, Fans Steal Candidate’s Billboards, Immigrating To New Zealand

Show 1275 Monday 16 August
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we have a guest. That’s right, Monday Guest is back and today’s guest is Saif.
Saif was born in India and moved to New Zealand in 2002.
He used to work as an immigration officer for Immigration New Zealand and he’s now an immigration advisor and he works here in Auckland.
His first language is Hindi. And he started using English when he was a child because they used it at school – the teachers taught in English.
I asked him which language he used when he was talking to his friends at school.

Ah, it was a mix. You know, some jokes are better in Hindi, some, some are better in English, so it was just a mix of what, what the topic of the day was, or what we were talking about. So it, it was a mix and ah, you know, at school, with the teachers and all it’s, it’s been English, but with friends, it’s been more a bit of both.


Politicians in New Zealand aren’t usually well known for their good looks.
But apparently some people in Christchurch are impressed with the looks of one of the candidates for the upcoming mayoral election.
Just 24 hours after Nathan Ryan’s billboards had been erected, two of them were stolen and four others had his face and upper body ripped from them.
Nathan says he was in shock.
He’s quoted as saying: “I can't understand why they would steal the image off the billboards, I am 38 years old for god’s sake ... I am not Justin Bieber."

And that was Stick News for Monday the 16th of August.
Kia ora.

Are you ready to go over the speech on the obesity crisis?
Sure, I’ll just finish this burger.

Oh la la! When did politicians get so hot?

I didn’t know you were into politics …
Oh, yes! It’s very interesting.

I’m shocked!
I’m so hot!

They fell for it!
Yeah, bro. Nice work!

conversations with sarah
#815 Why did you move to New Zealand?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Saif.

with: Sarfraz (Saif) Shaikh

Sarah Why did you move to New Zealand?

Saif The only reason is for the quality of life over here. You know, coming from India, over a billion people, ah, life becomes very fast, and, ah, you know, you tend to be always in a rush and, ah, a lot of competition, so decided to, decided New Zealand for the quality life.

Sarah Whereabouts in India are you from?

Saif I come from Pune which is very close to Bombay. A couple of hours drive from Bombay.

Sarah Can you speak any other languages?.

Saif Hindi, English and the local language from where I come from, which is Marathi. So … although I haven’t really practiced on it for a long time. But, ah, when I go back for holidays and I come across locals, I guess I get into that and I, I am able to speak a little bit of Marathi as well.

Sarah Do you miss anything about India?

Saif I was born over there so, you know, obviously family, friends and the food over there and a lot of things you miss, but, ah, you know it’s got its pluses and minuses, so ah…. Having said that, you know, being in New Zealand for the last eight years, now if I had to go back I would probably miss New Zealand, my life in New Zealand, more.

Sarah Did anything surprise you about NZ English?

Saif When I came into New Zealand it was quite a shock to see it’s more casual rather than being formal. And, ah, you know… for example, the pronunciation, it was difficult. I remember when we came into New Zealand and we started shopping for, for home. And, ah, I, we went to a furniture place and he, the person insisted on saying it a “bed” and we couldn’t really get what exactly he was after. And then as we went on we released, you know, the accent is such where, you know, a “bed” is, you know, pronounced a little different in New Zealand than what we were used to.

Sarah How did you make friends in New Zealand?

Saif With me, I, when I came in, ah, initially I joined a local cricket club. So I, there I got a few friends over there.
I also have been in front line roles a lot so through that I’ve been able to make a lot of, know a lot of people through that. So it takes you a little time, it’s not going to happen over night that, ah, you know, you get a lot of friends. But, ah, patience and absolutely communication is something … if you’re able to communicate with them, you, you will be able to make friends.

Sarah Tell me about your job.

Saif I’m currently working as a licensed immigration advisor. We provide immigration advice to individuals, to companies, to other immigration advisors as well on a lot of occasions. Ah, helping migrants basically achieve their goal of settling permanently into New Zealand, no matter what category they’re looking for. So, whether it’s through their job, or through their relationship with a New Zealand partner. Or though their family or else doing business in New Zealand.

Sarah What do you enjoy about your job?

Saif Helping people, ah, and to see the satisfaction or, or, the happiness when I’m able to give them a positive result for them. Ah, you know, people when they normally come to me are quite nervous, going through the process, they really don’t know what’s going to happen. And it’s, it’s a great joy to be able to hand over the decision and, you know, be able to tell my clients they have been approved to live in New Zealand permanently and make New Zealand your home. I think that’s, that’s something that absolutely, makes my day, ah, makes my day and makes me go home happy.


Nathan Ryan announces mayoral candidacy - 19 July 2010, The Press
3:16 signs - 3 Aug 2010, The Press


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