Tuesday, November 17, 2009

#1109 Sione's Wedding, Obama Bowing "Outrage"

Show 1109 Tuesday 17 November
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we’re studying a movie called Sione’s Wedding.
Sione’s Wedding is a comedy that was made in 2006 and set in Auckland, New Zealand. And I saw it recently, and as I said a couple of days ago, I really enjoyed it.

So I thought we’d study some of the dialogue that you can see in the trailer.

This movie is about four guys who get banned from their friend’s wedding, because they are always causing trouble. But the person that banned them, the priest, says that they’ll be allowed to go if they bring girlfriends to the wedding. So they all try and find girlfriends before the wedding.

And one of them already has a girlfriend, actually, but he’s been having trouble with his relationship recently, because he’s quite useless and does stuff like goes out all night drinking with his friends.

At the start of the trailer, you can see a girl, that’s his girlfriend, and she’s really angry because he’s just come home at about 6am after drinking all night. And she holds up a clock and says: What time do you call this, Sefa?

That’s a rhetorical question. She’s not asking what the time is. She’s just expressing her anger that he came home so late. And the normal response would be to try and give some kind of excuse or to apologize … but he answers: Ah, bed time? And she whacks him over the head with the clock.

And later on he’s at a bar and he’s trying to tell his friend that he has the power in his relationship.

What are these?
Who’s wearing them?
You are!

To wear the pants is an idiom which means to be the person in the relationship who makes most of the decisions.

But Sefa doesn’t realize that his girlfriend’s standing right behind him and she says: But who washes the skid marks out of them?

Do you know what skid marks are?

I thought we’d go to the Urban Dictionary for a definition of skid marks:
poo stains left on underwear when ass is not properly wiped


Kia ora, in Stick News today there’s been a bit of a fuss about Obama bowing in Japan.

In Japan, bowing is a social gesture used for greetings and a variety of purposes such as to express apologies, respect, gratitude, humility, sincerity and remorse. Last week, President Obama visited Japan. When he met the Emperor, he bowed. Apparently some commentators in the United States weren’t too happy about Obama’s bow. According to news reports the bow caused outrage and incensed critics in Washington.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday 17th of November.
Kia ora.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is spew.

Spew is an informal word for vomit.

eject matter from the stomach through the mouth

One of the guys in the movie was planning to go to the wedding with this girl, and then his friend says that he’s now going with her and so he’s angry about that, but then his other friend says that they weren’t even a couple anyway. And he says: She wasn’t your girl.

And he replies: We had lunch, danced, got wasted together, she watched me spew on the side of the road, OK, we were a couple.

conversations with sarah
#702 She likes me

Step 1: Repeat Stanley’s line.
Step 2: Read Stanley’s line and talk to Albert.
Albert She smiled at me. She likes me.

Stanley Cos she thinks you’re shoplifting.

Albert No.

filming notes

End shot was filmed was filmed on November 17th 2009. It is a shop called Illicit (202 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland) which is the shop they are in from 1:05 to 1:09 in the trailer.


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