Sunday, May 20, 2007

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Going to Canada 2007
Day 12: tdes Cawston studio

Today we tied up tomatoes in the greenhouse.
Carl explained how to do it.

Same as the cucumbers.
But you want to make sure that you, that you get them over a ... strong branch.
And preferably one that points out a bit. Otherwise it tends to slide out.
These carry a lot of weight when they get loaded up with their, with their tomatoes.
So it needs kind of one bearing branch.
And the second one, the weight will kind of sit on that one.
And try not to get, um, see this is going to be tomatoes, so we don't want that stuck through there.

In the afternoon I did some editing in the little cabin by the river.
We have internet access here.
It's wireless but the router is in the house and the connection is quite unstable so it's hard to upload video.
Hopefully were going to get a cable out here in the next few days.

The cabin isn't quite as flash as the tdes studio in Niseko - but it's really nice being by the river.
Instead of hearing politicians, traffic and kareoke we can hear running water
and birds..


artist: Jampy

album: Rain

track: Funky Duck Goes West

from: Napoli, Italy

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artist at Jamendo

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artist: ADB

album: Some work of my Sunday Afternoons

track: Lonely Afternoon

from: Paris, France

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album at Jamendo

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