Saturday, September 08, 2007

Show 493 Saturday 8 September

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When we got here yesterday we pretty much went straight to bed.
We slept for a few hours and then walked to the university.
We walk through the town of Wolfville to get there. Wolfville isn’t very big but it’s really pretty.
We walked through a park and found the information centre so we went in and picked up some brochures.
We saw a fire station.
A noticeboard.
A shop called Loonies and Toonies.
This is the shot we saw in the article about Wolfville in the Air Canada magazine.
And this is Acadia University.
The English language department is part of Continuing and Distance Education.
Today we went to the Wolfville Farmers' market.
There was some nice music.

We saw some apple cider which I was surprised to find out it wasn’t alcoholic.

In this part of the world, um, though ... for whatever reason, apple juice means the stuff in a can you buy in the stores and this is apple cider - whereas in most parts of the world apple cider is alcoholic. Yeah, but, sorry to inform you that there’s no alcohol in this.

I looked at some cool clothes and art.
I saw some eda mame. And I found a new vegetable called celeriac.

Kind of like celery, but a little bit stronger flavour.
Just yeah, cut of these and peel, peel that part.

After the farmers' market we decided to go for a swim in the lake.
On the way we saw the Deep Roots festival office. That’s a music festival which is going to be happening in Wolfville next weekend. Good timing!

We saw a pub so I had a quick look inside.
This is the Wolfville flag.
They have a police station here. Although I can’t really imagine any crime happening.
Lots of people were having garage sales. Or yard sales as they call them here.

Check this crossing out. It’s on an angle.

And this is the lake we swum in.
After our swim we went to a yoga class at the Inner Sun Yoga Centre.
This place has just opened and we went to the first class. It was really fun.
Wolfville rocks so far.
Life is good.
Mmm apples.
But this evening we experienced severe culture shock when we went to buy a 6 pack of beer. They come in packs of eight.
Mmm good shock.