Monday, March 05, 2007

Show 306 Monday 5 March

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

Hit the egg with a spatula.
This is a tent.

I just wanted to say that to add to ozpace’s examples of New Zealand and Australian English.
He made two interesting videos comparing the New Zealand and Australian accents ... I just came across them a couple of days ago. It’s funny reading the comments too ... lots of Kiwis and Aussies getting pretty excited.

I want to say thank you to Charles Kelly for putting a link on this website to The Daily English Show. - which stands for activities for esl.

I’ve been using activities off that site for years in my classes and I think it’s one of the best esl sites on the internet.

Another one is – I talked about that back in show number 80.

If you are a student or teacher and you haven’t seen those sites before – you should definately go and check them out because there is a lot of useful materials there.

So thanks to having a link on that site hopefully even more students will find out about The Daily English Show. Excellent.


Kia ora, in Stick News today, millions of Americans are unimpressed after a political commentator used the word faggot to describe a politician.

In the United States of America, there are two main political parties. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party.
The Republican Party is also known as the Grand Old Party. The party’s members and supporters are called Republicans.
The current
President of the United States is a Republican.
According to Wikipeda people are more likely to vote for the Republican Party if they are in business,
Caucasian, married with children living at home, rich, have no post-grad qualifications, old, straight and church-going.
Ann Coulter is a well-known republican supporter. She writes books and speaks at events. She likes saying controversial things.
The next United States presidential elections will be held on
November 4th 2008.
Several Democrats have announced they want to be the next present including:
John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton.
On Saturday Ann Coulter gave a speech talking about the Democrat candidates. She called John Edwards a faggot. A faggot is a derogatory word for a male homosexual.
John Edwards wasn’t impressed. He said: "In America, we strive for equality and embrace diversity. The kind of hateful language she used has no place in political debate or our society at large.”
Other politicians said her remark was wildly inappropriate, vile, unacceptable, offensive.

And that was Stick News for Monday 5 March.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#186 Who do you want to win?

Step 1: Repeat Les’s lines.
Step 2: Read Les’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Les Who do you think will be the next US president?

Sarah I have no idea.

Les Who do you want to win?

Sarah I don’t really know much about American politics. But I think it would be good if a woman won.

Les Why?

Sarah Well, for a start it’s just ridiculous that all the presidents so far have been men.

Les You think it’s time for a female president?

Sarah Yeah, definitely. And I think a woman is less likely to start war too.