Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Show 440 Tuesday 17 July

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.
Yesterday’s guest was a musician, Kris LeDrew from the Nelson band Funk Republic.
And today I thought I’d tell you the story of how I came to be interviewing him.
So, on Saturday we’d gone into Nelson to check out the markets and to see if we might find someone that we could interview for The Daily English Show – because I’m always looking for guests for the Monday show.
But the market didn’t turn out to be that interesting, and there was no one that I really felt like asking to interview. So we just walked around town for a bit and then we ran into Harry and his friend who Harry had said might be good to interview. But I asked him and he said that he was camera shy and he didn’t want to do it.
So I just gave up on finding someone to interview that day and we went to hitchhike home. And when we got to the hitching point, as soon as we got there, we stuck out our thumbs and the first car that was going past stopped.
And we got in the car and started talking. And the woman was really cool and friendly and she started telling us she’d just picked up some posters for a band and that there was band practice happening at her house at the moment.
And I said: are you in the band? And she said: no, I’m just kind of their manager. And I was like: oh ... do think I could interview them? And she was like: yeah, sure, I could take you there now.
So we went to her house and we watched them practice and I interviewed Kris and ... It was great. Her house was fantastic – perfect place for bands they even had a stage outside ... it was very cool.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today a t-shirt campaign has been launched in Japan to help police find the only suspect in the murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker.

Lindsay Ann Hawker moved to Japan in October 2006 to teach English.
She was 22. In March this year she was murdered.
Police have only one suspect, 28-year old Tatsuya Ichihashi. But they can’t find him.
Now a foreign women’s support organisation has launched a t-shirt campaign.
They hope that many people will buy and wear the t-shirt and it will help to find the suspect.
However, according to Wikipedia there are growing fears that Ichihashi may have already committed suicide.

And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 17th of July.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#268 When’s that gig?

Step 1: Repeat Jakes’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jakes’s lines and talk to Sarah

Jake When’s that gig?

Sarah What gig?

Jake The one for the band that you interviewed.

Sarah Ah, Funk Republic?

Jake Yeah.

Sarah That’s this weekend. Yeah, they’re playing at a festival on Sunday.

Jake Are you going to go?

Sarah Nah, I can’t afford it.

Jake How much are the tickets?

Sarah Ah, $40 for one day.

Jake Oh, OK ... that’s kind of expensive.

Sarah Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if I was working. But I’m traveling so it’s a bit much.


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