Sunday, May 07, 2006

Show 35 Sunday 7 May

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Golden Week special 7: Ainori parody.
The Classroom.

This is a parody I made of one of my favorite Japanese TV programs: Ainori.
Ainori is a reality TV show. About 3 or 4 single girls and 3 or 4 single boys travel around the world in a pink van, called the “love wagon”.
They are not allowed to say if they like someone, directly to that person. But they tell the staff who they like, or they write it in their dairies.
If they want to go back to Japan with someone, they tell them they like them and give them some tickets. Then the person has one day to think about it and give their answer. This parody is based on what has been happening for the last few weeks on Ainori.

Read about ainori in English or Japanese.

Name: Salt Shaker
Personality type: weird
Likes: playing video games

Name: Seal
Personality type: smiley
Likes: Tom

Name: Boots Freshner
Personality type: interesting
Likes: karate, drawing, eating grass, climbing trees

Name: Lobster
Personality type: jealous
Likes: Tom

Name: Tom
Personality type: young and cute
Likes: playing soccer

The Daily English Show classroom has gone on a school trip to Austria.
They have lunch at a restaurant.
They drink wine.
Boots Freshner starts eating grass and climbs a tree.
Seal starts crying.

Tom: why is she crying?
Salt shaker: mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble.
Lobster: You don’t understand anything, do you?

Salt Shaker can’t stop dreaming about the two girls who he thinks like him.
He thinks Seal and Lobster both like him.
Actually, they both like Tom.
Finally he decides he likes Lobster best and he asks her to go back to Japan with him.

According to the rules, if you leave the school trip,
you have to leave the classroom.

leave trip = leave classroom

Salt shaker meets lobster in a café and makes his announcement.

"Sometimes when you meet someone,
you think they are 37 degrees.
Which is hot, but not hot enough.
Then, sometimes, when you meet someone,
you think you they are 41 degrees.
Which is very hot. And just right.
Lobster, I think you are 41 degrees.
Please come back to Japan with me.
Please think about your answer and tell me tomorrow."

The next day...

"Salt Shaker, thank you for your invitation.
But I think you are only 37 degrees.
I don’t want to go back to Japan with you."