Monday, November 27, 2006

Show 208 Monday 27 November

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show. So, this is the first regular show in this new place. It’s been almost a month since I’ve talked to the camera ... so it feels kind of strange.
It’s really cool having this great space after living in a tiny room in Tokyo for 4 years. And the place is looking pretty good I think. Thanks to the great second hand shop and also thanks to the landlord’s daughter ... I don’t know what her name is but she lent us some stuff like tables and shelves ...
I had a really good time on the trip here from Tokyo so thanks for watching the videos and thanks for your comments. And thank you for the happy birthday comments. And thank you so much Cristina for the video ... it’s awesome. I love it.
So The Daily English Show is going to continue in pretty much the same style as before ... with one addition: The Snow Report. When the mountain opens that’ll be the conditions on the ski field... but for now it’s just the conditions outside my window.
And we still don’t have the net ... so don’t expect any exciting international news this week. It’ll probably be just random news from the neighbourhood or my imagination.


Kia ora in Stick News today The Daily English Show has started broadcasting from its new premises in Hokkaido.

When the Daily English Show started it was produced in a tiny one room apartment in Kurihara.
From humble beginnings just seven months ago the show now has a massive international audience, a star-studded cast and has relocated to the booming snow resort of Niseko, Hokkaido. tdes beat out a pack of ruthless Australian developers to secure prime real estate opposite the North Kutchan post office.
With a google buyout imminent investors rushed to back the venture and poured millions of yen into renovating the classic building.
In the last week cleaners, designers and decorators have been working around the clock to prepare the tdes headquarters ready for the grand opening on December 1st.
Classic features like the old-school bath and antique lino still remain while fresh paint and tar removal have added a more hygienic dimension to the building.
Today the show was ready to start broadcasting.
On Friday doors will open to the public and fans will be able to meet the show’s presenter. Limited edition tdes merchandise will also be available later in the month.

Uploading of The Daily English show will continue to be irregular for another week thanks to the slow service of NTT and yahoo. And that was Stick News for Monday the 27th of November. Kia ora.

the snow report

It didn’t snow today. It was cloudy. There’s some ice on the part of the footpath that doesn’t get much sun and behind our house there is some snow because this place is always in the shade.

conversations with sarah
# 122 Have you been snowboarding yet?

Step 1: Repeat Kirk’s lines.
Step 2: Read Kirk’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Kirk Have you been snowboarding yet?

Sarah No, the mountain isn’t open.

Kirk I thought you said the season started on the 23rd of November.

Sarah Yeah, it does ... but there’s not enough snow, so the mountain hasn’t opened yet.

Kirk Oh. When do you think it’ll open?

Sarah I don’t know. Depends on when it snows.

Kirk Did it snow today?

Sarah No, it didn’t. And it didn’t snow yesterday either.