Wednesday, February 11, 2009

#965 Quiet Vs Quite, I Like Totally Love It, Office Love, Sellotape

Show 965 Wednesday 11 February
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today I’d like to talk about this word: quite.

I’ve often had students confuse this word with quiet when they read it – which is understandable, because they look similar.

And I’ve come across many people who aren’t quite sure how to use the word quite.

So, what does it mean? And how do you use it?
It’s an adverb similar to: very or really or pretty.
This book is very good. This book is quite good.

How good is quite good?

Well, that’s kind of hard to say because it can depend on your intonation.

If your teacher reads your essay and then says: Mmm, it’s quite good …
They probably mean that it could be better.
But if they say: Mmm, it’s quite good …
Then, they’re probably surprised because they didn’t think it would be that good.

Also, in my dictionary it says that in British English, quite can mean two things but in American English it usually just means one thing and that’s something like very.

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The site I recommend today is called:

I found it because I was looking at the list of Time’s best websites of 2008.

I think this site could be a good one for practicing describing things, which can be very useful.
It’s a site where people can write about and rank things that they … like, totally love.

I found a few things on there that I like. Like a doormat which says: HI, I’M MAT.

And a transparent toaster, so you can see whether or not the toast is burning – that’s not an actual product yet, but it’s a pretty cool idea, I think.

And one item that I definitely don’t want is the psycho shower curtain.

This is from the description:

The world's most famous movie scene can be reenacted in your bathroom! Do you have some house guests that are staying a bit too long? Put up this shower curtain before they wake up, and it will send them packing!


Kia ora in Stick News today according to an online survey, 40 percent of workers in the United States have dated an office colleague.

Last year an American company conducted an online office romance survey of more than 8000 full-time adult employees. They’ve just released the results and they say that 40 percent of people have dated a person from their office. And 31 percent of those people went on to marriage. Ten percent of the people surveyed said they work with someone they would like to date.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 11th of February.
Kia ora.

TDES Niseko Snow Report
at MSK JR Apartment

The other day some people at MSK made this cute little park.

Word of the Day

Today’s word is Sellotape.
This is Sellotape – well, that’s what we call it in New Zealand.
Sellotape is a brand name from the UK and apparently in America they call it Scotch tape.

Another term we use in New Zealand is sticky tape – that’s usually used by kids or parents or teachers. For example on a show called Play School they always used to make stuff with sticky tape.

conversations with sarah
#605 That’s pretty clever

Step 1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read the Tom’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Tom Did you see any other cool designs?

Sarah Yeah, the tape tape dispenser is pretty cool.

Tom The what?

Sarah The tape tape dispenser or maybe it’s called the audio tape tape dispenser.

Tom What’s that?

Sarah It’s a Sellotape dispenser that looks like a cassette tape.

Tom Ah, that’s pretty clever.


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