Saturday, November 18, 2006

#199 Day 18: Kutchan - Shopping and Painting Preparation

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 18: Kuchan

Today we finished off the room next to the kitchen and moved the stuff from the shop in there. Then we started preparing the shop. We’re going to use the shop space for a studio and office.
I’m going to film the Daily English Show there. If anyone walks past they’ll be able to see me. Not that anyone really walks past here. Maybe one or two people a day. Everyone drives. It’s too cold to walk.
I have almost run out of money after not working over summer and then moving to Hokkaido so it’s time to start doing some work for money. I don’t think Hokkaido is a very good place to start living under a bridge.

The office is going to open on the first of December and I’m going to do some private English lessons – in person and over the internet as well as offer services like translating and re-writing.

I did a bit of translating and editing in Tokyo and enjoyed it – so I’m looking forward to doing some more of it.
And there seems to be a demand for it with all the Australian tourists in Niseko.
We’re planning to go snowboarding in the mornings and then be here working in the afternoons. So if you’re in Niseko this winter, please come in and say hello.

There’s a great second-hand shop in Niseko and we went there today to see what we could find for the place. We need a bit of furniture and some appliances. We came away with quite a haul.

Then we bought some stuff to paint the studio. I’m going to paint it pure white like the Aomori Museum of Art.
When we got back from the shopping mission I filled in some holes. Tomorrow morning is sanding time.