Monday, November 09, 2009

#1101 TDES In Aotearoa

Show 1101 Monday 9 November
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Long time no see! It’s been a while – more than three months, actually, so it feels very strange to be back here talking to a camera again. But I’m happy to be here, talking to you and I’m very excited about starting the show again here in Aotearoa. This is the first show in Auckland, New Zealand.

We were supposed to be starting last Monday – but we delayed the start for a week to try and sort out some technical problems … so I’m sorry about the delay. And again, I’m really excited to be finally getting into it again.

So what have I been doing for the last three months? Well, I have hardly been on the internet at all. Basically all I’ve done is pack up stuff in Japan, then leave Japan and arrive here and then we’ve spent the last month just looking for an apartment and then setting up this place and this studio. And now we’ve finally almost finished. For the last couple of weeks we’ve been driving all over Auckland picking up stuff that we bought on Trade Me – Trade Me is an internet auction site like eBay or Yahoo Auctions in Japan – so that’s been really good, we’ve been able to set up this place pretty cheaply thanks to stuff we’ve bought on Trade Me and second-hand stuff from my family.

As you can see we haven’t found a couch yet. We’re still looking for the perfect couch. And until we find it, we’re just going to make do with a chair.

So now that we’re in Auckland, we’re planning to introduce at least one new section to The Daily English Show – as well as continuing most of the regular stuff too … apart from The Snow Report, of course, because it never snows in Auckland.

But we’re going to ease into it. Because I’m pretty rusty … I’m not even confident I’m going to remember how to edit this video and upload it. But, I’m sure I’ll figure it out, eventually. So this week we’re going to have a few irregular shows and no Stick News – and then we’ll start the full regular schedule from Monday the 16th.

As for tomorrow’s video, I’m planning to do a Q&A video – so please ask me questions – about the move to New Zealand … or about something else about The Daily English Show … or about whatever you like. So please leave your questions under this video and I’ll attempt to answer as many as possible and I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!


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