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Advice For People Who Are Learning English:

I mean you have to be put in a situation where you have to speak the language, don’t you? To properly learn it.


from: Japan
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If possible just try to surround yourself with people speaking the language you’d like to learn.


from: New Zealand
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Practice. I was sitting in the bus on my way here and this guy was sitting, like ah, two rows behind me. He walked up to me and just, like, “excuse me, excuse me” and just started talking to me. And I think that’s the right attitude.


from: Switzerland
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Um, don’t take it so seriously. But, um, that doesn’t mean don’t commit time to it. You have to, like, commit and know that if you really want to learn you have to spend time, money, energy, willpower to do it. But it has to retain what the whole point is, which is just trying to communicate with someone.


from: United States of America
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First, textbook, how do you say, the thing you learn English from, has to be interesting, I think. And that gives students to, how do you say, motivate, how do you say, motivation.


from: Japan
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Um, I think just to start talking. And, ah, not be afraid of, ah, getting the grammar right. Just starting to connect with people. And, ah, yeah, and then the language will just come.


from: Germany
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Ah, just don’t quit. Go for it. That’s all. Yeah, yeah. And watch Friends, watch Friends, yeah, that’s a really good TV show.

Kwon Song Kyu

from: South Korea
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Just never relax yourself. If you find, it’s relax, oh, I have so many leisure time to do so many things, such as watching movie and so on, that you must missed something. Something important. And if you want to study English very well there is so many things waiting for you. Yeah, like recovery sentence, anything. Not only the teacher ask you to do. You need to find something by yourself.


from: China
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I think just try it out, just have to try it out like if you ... you would never, like, get better at something if you don’t try. Like anything in life, you have to try it. You have to, like, kind of ... You know, don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Doing it ... Do it just like because, like, you kind of want to, like, just put some, motivation in it.


from: Saudi Arabia
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Don’t be afraid to try. Ask lots of questions. And, um, yeah, people, people don’t know what you’re thinking. So, just try and if you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. You have to learn from your mistakes, so talk as much as you can, listen as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can. And yeah, don’t be afraid.


from: Australia
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I advice to the people who learn English, is do something different, by English, by using the English, I learned English, but, ah, I learnt skiing in English, I teach skiing in English then my English get improved, so same thing.


from: Japan
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