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Show 366 Friday 4 May

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today I have some news. Drum roll, please.

The Daily English show’s next location has been decided. This show started in Tokyo, then moved to Niseko and the next location is ... Canada.
I’ve never been to Canada before, in fact, I’ve never been anywhere in that whole continent of America. So it’s pretty exciting.

So we (my boyfriend and I) are going to be doing Wwoofing. Wwoofing stands for world wide opportunities on organic farms. I always thought it stood for willing workers on organic farms – but anyway. It’s a kind of volunteer organization – and you do volunteer work on organic farms – and you get food and accommodation provided.
It’s not full time work – just about 4 hours a day, so I’ll have plenty of time to keep doing The Daily English Show and teaching online. I’m really looking forward to meeting some interesting Canadian people. And learning some Canadian English – and hopefully learning something about the native American languages too. And of course something about plants.

And we’ve decided to come back to Niseko for another season. So we’ll be back here at the start of November. And we’re also looking for flatmates too again for next season too. So if you’re coming for the season or part of the season and you need a place to stay then let me know.

As for Canada we leave on Tuesday and we’re spending a couple of days in Taiwan on the way. And then we’re staying in Vancouver for a couple of days and then going to our host place.

So from Tuesday there’ll be a travel show – like The Road to Hokkaido – that will last until
we get settled enough to start the regular show again.

So, if you live in Taipei or Vancouver and you feel like meeting up for a coffee or something sometime next week then let me know, because I think it would be fun to meet some people rather than just wander around and look at famous buildings.


Kia ora this is Stick News. Today a shock announcement - The Daily English Show is moving to Canada. The announcement has rocked the world of show business coming just days after Ellen started doing her show from a hospital bed.
What is the real reason behind the move? And is there any truth in the rumor that The Daily English Show host has converted to Scientology.
We bring you this exclusive report.

The Daily English Show started life in Tokyo, Japan. From humble beginnings the show now has hundreds of regular viewers all over the world. And fans who leave superlative-laden comments all over the internet.
Last month The Daily English Show was voted the number one video podcast in the world and the host was also hired to star in a Japanese movie.
But it hasn’t all been fun and games.
Right from the start The Daily English Show producers have had to face the harsh realities of enabling comments on YouTube.
Much of the criticism has been directed at the show’s presenter – some people are outraged by her voice.
8 months ago Limastudent said:
I am an American and I can barely understand your poor pronunciation.
5 months ago kitsune11888 had this to say:
the narrator can't pronounce "r" sounds...
Despite the criticism, with the help of hundreds of positive comments, the show continued.
Then came the YouTube feature.
Somehow a Daily English Show video ended up on the YouTube homepage and the ignoramuses turned out in force.
According to MazVanMan the video was crap in its purest form.
Many other YouTubers were more specific and criticized the voice of the presenter.
They said the voice was sad, dull, borrinnngggg and scary.
The YouTuber Vaniteh was particularly scared, they said Scary thing is; your Japanese pronounciation may be crap, but your English is even worse.
Despite the hundreds of positive comments – after such harsh criticism the presenter spent the following month crying herself to sleep.
Then last month, she noticed a helpful comment from YouTuber OnEye: if any of your students are going to learn english ... they should try for a north American model (Canadian is better than USA) better to learn the right way first .
This was when the breakthrough a-ha moment came and The Daily English Show decided to move to Canada.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 4th of May.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

Hello and welcome to the snow report.
My name’s Katie and this is Tom.
And your report today is brought to you Asahi beru and the Hanazoko resort ski area in Niseko.
Normally we do the reports in Hirafu but today we thought we’d come down and check out some of the genuine Japanese sushi restaurants down in Kutchan.
But I guess you’ve had sushi before haven’t you Tom.
Yes, that’s right.
元気ですか? (genki desu ka - how are you?)
はい、げんきです。 (genki desu - I'm fine.)
はい、げんきです。 (genki desu - I'm fine.)
Well, spring has definitely sprung here in Niseko. Yesterday it was another great day on the mountain. Great views, perfect weather.
さて。今日は雪が降るでよう。(Well, today it's going to snow.)
Having a closer look at today’s weather now, there is still some snow in Niseko. Not quite the powder that we’re used to. But the sky is blue.
This has been Katie and Tom for the snow report.

conversations with sarah
#228 Why did you decide to go to Vancouver?

Step 1: Repeat Mike’s lines.
Step 2: Read Mike’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Mike Why did you decide to go to Vancouver?

Sarah Um why did we decide Vancouver ...

Mike Do you have friends there?

Sarah Yeah, I know one person there – and that’s one reason. And I’ve also heard a lot about it from people that have visited there.

Mike It sounds like a nice place to live.

Sarah Yeah, yeah, I think it sounds really interesting because more than half the people living there have a first language other than English.

Mike Wow. Are you going to stay in Vancouver the whole time?

Sarah No, actually the place we’re staying in first is about 5 hours from Vancouver I think. It’s in the countryside.


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