Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Show 2 Tuesday 4 April

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Hi I’m Sarah and this The Daily English Show. Welcome to show number 2.
On Stick News today, news about the bananas, or lack of, in Australia.
Today’s conversation on Conversations with Sarah is talking about work.
The question for questionanswer is: What’re these
and the topic is: fruit
First up is stick news.


Kia Ora, this is Stick News. In Australia, banana lovers throughout the country are mourning the loss of 200 thousand tonnes of bananas.
Australians now face a banana shortage after Cyclone Larry tore through the heart of the nation’s biggest growing region and decimated the banana crop.

The powerful cyclone had winds of up to 300 kilometers an hour. After just one hour 80 per cent of the total Australian crop was on the ground.
The industry is now devastated. $300 million dollars of fruit have been destroyed. And up to 4000 people have lost their jobs.

Larry will appear in court this week facing thousands charges of willful damage.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 4th of April. Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah

#2 Where do you work?

Sarah and Kenji are talking about work
Step1: Repeat Kenji’s lines
Step 2: Read Kenji’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah.

Sarah So, where do you work Kenji?

Kenji I work for a record company.

Sarah Oh, really? What do you do there?

Kenji Marketing.

Sarah That sounds interesting.

Kenji Yeah... it is I guess. It has its ups and downs, but mostly I enjoy it. How about you – what do you do?

Sarah I am an English teacher. And I also make resources for studying English.

Kenji What kind of resources?

Sarah I do an internet video show called The Daily English Show.

Kenji Really? Tell me the address, I’d love to watch it.


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