Saturday, December 05, 2009

#1116 New Zealand In November

Show 1116 Saturday 5 December 2009
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I thought I tell you about some of the stuff I did in November apart from dealing with my misbehaving computer.
On Sunday 1st November I went to Takapuna Beach where I saw some people playing touch rugby, a girl riding a bike and a dog swimming.

Inspired by the game I saw on the beach, on the 16th of November, I went to my local park and played with a touch ball.

On the 17th I went to Auckland university to see a movie called Death Note. It was part of Japanese Film Week.
On the way back I walked over the motorway and I noticed there are beautiful designs in the concrete.

On the 19th I went to a magazine launch at a bar on K Road.

After that I went to a few random bars to celebrate my birthday.
I ate a delicious ball thing at a Japanese restaurant called Tanuki's Cave. They had an interesting curtain hanging at the entrance to the kitchen.

I looked at some Christmas displays and I stumbled across a place with a whole lot of puricula machines and I found a note when I was looking for this bar that I used to go to 8 years ago. Sarah's Birthday.

The next day I drove to Taupo where some of my family live. On the way we stopped to buy some nuclear free asparagus.
In Taupo I opened presents, ate delicious food and I saw some boiling mud, a famous waterfall, a duck, and a dance performance.

On the way back to Auckland we saw lots of signs.

Be patient. It's that simple.
Drive to the conditions.
Raining? Slow down.
Think B4 U overtake.
Drive with care.

Reduce speed. Major intersection ahead.

We stopped in a place called Tirau which has a lot of cafes, souvenir shops and stuff made of corrugated iron.

On the 28th of November I went to the Grey Lynn Park Festival.
I saw lots of people, stalls, a bike powered blender and some cool jandals.

On the 29th of November I went to the Auckland Santa Parade.


The curtain is a noren for hanging at the entrance of the women's entrance at a sento.


show start
artist: Kevin MacLeod
track: Future Cha Cha
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States
artist site

artist: Ensono
album: Night Culture
track: Lo-Fi Nights
from: Vigo, Spain
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo

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