Monday, April 11, 2011

#1372 Blenheim To Kaikoura: My Aunty’s Garden, 3 Cats, Heaps Of Seals, Salad + Spa

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In Blenheim we stayed with my aunty. She had to go to work in the morning, but she said we could help ourselves to vegetables from the garden.

She has an awesome garden. We got some silverbeet, spring onions, beans, zucchini, rhubarb.

Her garden’s also full of beautiful mosaics.

We met a few animals in the garden too. A guinea pig, some chickens and some cats.

Jan 11 c

This is Lulu. This is Jerry. And did you see that orange cat hopping past in the background, that’s Pumpkin.

We drove through Blenheim and headed towards Kaikoura on State Highway 1.

Blenheim’s in a region called Marlborough which is a famous wine growing area of New Zealand.
As you can see, there are vineyards everywhere.

We drove through a small town called Seddon which was named after the guy we saw the statue of in Wellington.

We saw heaps of other United motorhomes on the way to Kaikoura. Hello United friends.

I like this sign: It’s not a target. I really wish more people driving in New Zealand knew this.

Lots of seals hang out on the coast near Kaikoura. So we stopped to say hello. They all seemed very relaxed, chilling out on the rocks.





In Kaikoura we found some tasty coffee. And we bought a postcard of a seal at the information centre and sent it to Japan.


That night we stayed at the Alpine-Pacific Holiday Park.

I made a delicious salad with spring onion and zucchini from from my aunty’s garden. I think the avocado was from a garden in Waihi Beach. The beetroot was from a shop in Picton. The macadamia nuts were from Chrissie and David in the Hokianga. And this lemon was grown in Palmerston North.

Sarah Making Dinner

Salad + Wine

It was a pretty cold day for summer. It was about 14 degrees during the day. So we were very lucky that the holiday park we were staying at happened to have spa pools. So we could warm up between courses. It was no nice.

The second course was marinated tofu which was from our Holiday Grocery Box and the beans and silverbeet were from the garden in Blenheim. Yum.


This video is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.
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thanks to:

Jenny and Rob
Jerry, Lulu and Pumpkin

salad by:

spring onion, zucchini, avocado - Jenny, Rob
lemon - Clayton, Naoko and Seina
macadamia nuts - David and Chrissie


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