Thursday, July 31, 2008

Show 810 Thursday 31 July

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Day 2

This morning we went to another session of the education track. The session was similar to yesterday’s one with small groups reporting back to the big group and stuff written on the board. And a guy from Poland gave us something for free which was cool.

After that we had a delicious cup of tea.

In the afternoon we listened to some Japanese speeches.

Then I decided to contribute to the group artwork that was happening in the foyer.

In the afternoon there were more keynote speeches.
I thought the talk about the literacy project was interesting.

There’s so much talk about the internet being this hugely democratising, beneficial force. And, you know, I for one buy into that. But I think, at the same time, it’s really important to say that if you can’t read, the internet’s a pretty useless tool. And if you think that, as more and more information comes online, and in some cases, online becomes the only point of entry for a lot of information, then it doesn’t matter how many mobile phones you have or how many PCs increase in the world, basically there’s a chance that the digital divide will only increase.
Jessica Powell
Google, Head of Product PR, EMEA

In the evening there was an awards ceremony for a Creative Commons Japan music competition called Onkei. I thought this was one of the highlights of iSummit. The competition was really well done and it was a great example of how Creative Commons licences can be used to encourage sharing and creativity.
This was one of my favourite videos so I’m glad it won something.


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