Monday, October 11, 2010

#1331 New Zealand Music Awards, Google Tests Driverless Cars, Ronan Keating

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

The New Zealand Music Awards were held in Auckland on the 7th of October. They’re like the Grammy awards except not quite so world famous. And studio tdes went along to check it out. This is my media pass for the event. And it was a lot of fun, there was a red carpet before it started and during the show, there was a media room where all the performers and presenters and award winners came to be photographed and interviewed.

So I talked to a few musicians, of course, and a few other New Zealand celebrities like Winston Reid, Robyn Malcolm and Anna Fitzpatrick.

So there’s a show about the New Zealand Music Awards coming up.

We also talked to some non-celebrity guests as they were going into the stadium and afterwards, as they were leaving, we asked them what they thought of the show. So that’s coming up in Question Time this week.


Kia ora in Stick News today Google has been testing driverless cars in California.

Google is developing technology for driverless cars using video cameras and sensors.
Google says seven cars have driven successfully around Los Angeles and San Francisco.
They say driverless cars could potentially reduce accidents and energy consumption.

And that was Stick News for Monday the 11th of October.
Kia ora.

We’ll be able to play video games instead of driving!
Yeah! Like Need for Speed!

Look! No hands!

Holy shit that car has no driver!

conversations with sarah
#854 How were the music awards?

Step 1: Repeat Tim’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tim’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Tim How were the music awards?

Sarah Fun. I’d never been to an event with a proper red carpet like that before so it was a lot of fun.

Tim Were there lots of famous people there?

Sarah Yeah. Mostly musicians, of course. And a few other people like actors or TV presenters.

Tim Just New Zealand celebrities?

Sarah Yeah. Oh, there was one guy from Ireland. Have you heard of Ronan Keating?

Tim No.

Sarah He’s from an Irish boyband called Boyzone.

Tim Did he get an award?

Sarah No, he was a presenter.

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Quentin Reade


today's news
Google driverless car - Wikipedia

New Zealand Music Awards - Wikipedia
New Zealand Music Awards - site


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track: Future Cha Cha
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track: The Jazz Woman
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States

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album: triptracks
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