Thursday, June 24, 2010

#1221 All Whites, G8 Summit Canada, Truant, Wagging School, Nark

Show 1221 Thursday 24 June
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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Early tomorrow morning New Zealand time, New Zealand is playing Paraguay in the World Cup. The New Zealand team’s called the All Whites … so I’m wearing all white, to show my support. And I even bought an official supporters scarf.

As you may know, soccer isn’t a very big sport in New Zealand, so it’s quite exciting that New Zealand’s been doing pretty well at the World Cup.

The video we’re studying today is an interview with one of the players – Mark Paston – I think that’s how you pronounce his surname.

They were talking to him after the Italy game, and he said: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy and not much sleep last night. And: A bit tired this morning, but, yeah, over the moon.

Over the moon is an idiom which means: extremely happy and excited.


Kia ora, in Stick News today the G8 summit is about to start in Canada.

Every year, the leaders of eight countries have a meeting.
They call themselves the G8.
The summit starts tomorrow and will last for two days.
This theme this year is: Recovery and New Beginning.

And that was Stick News for Thursday the 24th of April.
Kia ora.

Sorry, members only.

Hey Barack! Check out my G8 tattoo!
Wicked! We should have a secret handshake too!

Our government has grave concerns regarding...
Mr. President, they're leading 1-0!

Word of the Day

Today’s word is truant.

I saw this sign in a supermarket last week.

It says:
This shop will not serve school aged children during school hours without an authorized permission slip from their school

I’d never seen a sign like that before. And I think it’s probably quite a good idea.

Do you know what a truant is?

a child who stays away from school without permission

And there are a few different verbs to describe this activity. In New Zealand we say wag.

For example:

Tom wasn’t in class today. Is he sick?
No, he’s probably wagging.

conversations with sarah
#778 Did a teacher see you?

Step 1: Repeat Kate’s lines.
Step 2: Read Kate’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Kate Did you ever wag school?

Sarah Yeah, I did, quite a bit actually. Just in the first couple of years of high school.

Kate Did you ever get caught?

Sarah Only once.

Kate Did a teacher see you?

Sarah No. I think somebody narked on us.

Kate Did you get in trouble?

Sarah Yeah, I got a detention - a B detention. That was a serious one at my school. They had A detentions and B detentions.

filming notes

Today's ending shot was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand on 25 April 2010.



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