Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Show 22 Monday 24 April

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Kia Ora, in Stick News today, the Japanese government has issued a warning following the phenomenal success of an internet show which has caused people all over Japan to be unable to tear their eyes away from their video ipods and computer screens.

The Daily English Show was launched just three weeks ago. But already fans from all over the world are logging in daily to watch the show.
This site report shows people are watching in Turkey, Egypt and Argentina.
In Japan, people can be seen all over Tokyo watching the show.
This has raised safety concerns for the Japanese government. They’re worried people might watch the show at inappropriate moments, such as while operating dangerous machinery.
They’ve even issued a pamphlet of safety guidelines.
Inside people are warned not to watch The Daily English Show when: riding a bicycle, driving on the motorway, playing baseball or swimming.

Prime Minister Koizumi is also considering reducing the length of government meetings, so politicians can have more time to watch The Daily English Show.
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conversations with sarah

# 16 How hungry are you?
Meeting a friend in the evening.

Sarah meets her friend Tom at the station in Shibuya in the evening. They have planned to meet, but haven’t planned where to go.

Step 1: Repeat Tom’s lines.
Step 2: Read Tom’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Tom Do you have any idea where we should go?

Sarah Not really, how about you?

Tom How hungry are you?

Sarah Um, I’m not that hungry actually, I had a late lunch.

Tom O.K. then, why don’t we just go to an izakaya.

Sarah O.K. Sounds good.

Tom I don’t really go out in Shibuya much, so I don’t know anywhere good to go.

Sarah Yeah, same. But I did go to a good izakaya in Shibuya last year. We could go there.

Tom Do you know how to find it?

Sarah Ummm ... maybe. I could give it a go, I think it’s this way.