Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Show 599 Wednesday 2 January

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun on new year’s eve, whatever you did – party, sleep, meditate ... And I hope you have a great year in 2008.

If you’re studying English, now is a good time to make a new year’s resolution about your English study plans.

I have a new year’s resolution about The Daily English Show and that is to upload the show every day on the right day and not get behind.

Sometimes I kind of cheat, I think, “ah, it’s still Monday in California, so I’m not late yet”.

But no, I’m not going to do that this year, because it’s 2008 and I’ve consulted the stars, some tea leaves and everybody’s blood type and my conclusion is: it’s going to be an excellent year.

Wednesday Mistake

Today’s common mistake is this word, restaurant. I often see it spelt like this restrant, but no, that’s wrong, you need an extra a and a u in the middle.

I can see why people make the mistake though. From the way you say it, you’d think that’s how you’d spell it. But no, that word comes from French, so in French the spelling probably makes sense, but then it came into English and the pronunciation changed, but we’re still left with this random a and u.


Kia Ora, in Stick News today, YouTube have announced their top 10 videos of 2007.

YouTube have published a list of the top ten most buzzed about videos of 2007.
In the YouTube blog they said the list was based on view counts, most shared, most discussed, top rated and general popularity.
The list of 9 videos included an instructional dance video, a cat playing a piano,
a battle between lions, buffalos and crocodiles and songs about Paris Hilton, Barack Obama and Chocolate Rain.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday 2nd of January.
Kia Ora.

at Niseko Weiss

For today’s snow report, KNF went on a snowmobiling tour with some of the staff from Saison Club. They went to an area called Niseko Weiss. First the guide, Masa, showed them how to ride the snowmobiles. Then they took them for a bit of a spin

conversations with sarah
#363 What’s that?

Step 1: Repeat Dana’s lines.
Step 2: Read Dana’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Dana What’s that?

Sarah It’s a thing for karaoke.

Dana Can you choose the songs you want to sing?

Sarah Yeah.

Dana How does it work?

Sarah Um, well, you turn it on and then get this little pen then and press some buttons.

Dana Can I try?

Sarah Sure. But, um, can you speak Japanese?

Dana No. Why? Don’t they have English songs?

Sarah No, they have English songs but um, this thing is in Japanese.

Dana Ah ...

Sarah Anyway, it’s not hard. If you just press this button, it’s the name of the song. No it’s not, hang on a minute, go back, this one is the name of the song and this one is the name of the artist.


today's STICK NEWS pictures

YouTube Top 10 videos of 2007

Battle at Kruger
"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday
me singing ``what goes around`` Justin Timberlake
"NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect" - Check the sequel too.
"I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl
Otters holding hands
PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Video
Soulja Boy Tellem - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!


show start
artist: Caminos del Sonido
album: Las flores del Mal
track: La metamorfosis del vampiro
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
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wednesday mistake start
artist: Silence
album: Encre
track: Plume
from: Bruxelles, Belgium
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

the snow report start
artist: Olga Scotland
album: Scotland Yard
track: Absolute
from: Moscow, Russia
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

sr bgm
artist: Zamala
album: Requiem pour un split
track: Spirit
from: Metz, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

qa bgm
artist: Caminos del Sonido
album: Las flores del Mal
track: La metamorfosis del vampiro
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

cws start
artist: San Sebastian
track: Happy Sad
artist site

qa start
artist: ioeo
album: Groovetracks
tracks: groovetracks ending
from: Saint Raphael, France
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

qa bgm
artist: Distimia
album: Cuando la ciudad duerme
track: San Sebastián jueves noche
from: Bilbao/Murcia, Spain
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site

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