Sunday, April 09, 2006

Show 7 Sunday 9th April

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Hi, welcome to Sunday Kitchen. Today we’re making a cup of tea.
To make a cup of tea you need:
1 teapot, 1 cup, a teabag and a kettle.
So, first, let’s fill the kettle up with water.
I’m using the water filter so I have to wait until this green light stops flashing.
And that should be about enough water.
Put the kettle on the stove.
And turn on the gas.
And while we’re waiting for the water to boil, let’s open the teabag.
Today we’re having Rosehip with Hibiscus: “a full robust flavour.”
And the water will take a couple of minutes to boil.
So while that’s happening we can sit on the couch, and watch TV.
OK, when the water starts boiling....
turn off the gas.
And pour some water into the teapot.
Now it says on this box: leave to infuse for 5 minutes to bring out the full flavour. So, let’s wait for about 5 minutes.
Put the timer on.
While you’re waiting, you can play a tune on the guitar.
OK, it’s ready to drink!
Let’s bring it over to the table.
MMM smells good.
Hmmm very nice!


1. This was recorded on a small digital camera rather than the regular video camera that I usually use and for some reason the sound went strange when I put it into the editing software.
This could be because I am doing something wrong. Anyway, I just did a voice over - and I'll avoid using that camera again.

2. My voice at the end doesn't match the picture. This is not a voice over. I don't know why this happened.