Saturday, August 11, 2007

Show 465 Saturday 11 August

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Yesterday we went to an event in Nelson called Artalk. Artwalk is organized by the Nelson and District Arts Council. This year is the 19th Artwalk. For a few months during summer artwork by about 50 artists is displayed in 13 places. The exhibitions change halfway through and there are two opening nights.
Yesterday was the opening night for round two. It was from 6 to 9 pm.

We decided to walk around in the places in order.

Number one was a backpacker’s. I really liked the apples.

Number two was at a bar. There was a cool band playing.
We talked to the artist. One of her paintings had words in it. I asked her about what it meant.

It’s about the process of immigration, ah, at this time and place. Um, and the assimilation of Canada into the US, um, in just about every ... policy you can think of: economics, foreign policy. Um, and kind of the sadness. We really need to work together to make a change. And that’s the only way we’re going to have change. The last, um, sentence in particular says, “Chavey sends his love”. That’s to do with what Hugo Chávez is doing in South America, which I think is pretty profound. I think it’s about the only true democracy I can see. Um, In this part of the world anyway. So, to me, there’s hope looking way down South.

Number three was inside a clothing shop.

Number four was a bakery.
I really liked these orange flowers.

Number five was inside an art shop.
The metal sculptures were very cool.
And outside number five there were some cute dogs.

Number six was inside a jewellery shop.
Actually I went there earlier too.
Hmmm these paintings look familiar.

Number seven was inside a museum. There was some people singing there.

Number eight was at Bigby Place – it’s a kind of community center I think.

Why suns?
Because it helps brighten up the day.

I love the landscape here.
I love the Kootenay area.
I find it really beautiful.
So I use lots of bright colours because I want to express the joy that I feel
when I’m in our world.

It means love notes. And I like to do them. And it keeps me occupied.

Number nine was the Kootenay Currency Exchange. I really liked these paintings.

Number ten was at a backpacker’s called the Whitehouse.

Number eleven was at an aromatherapy shop. There was some cool photos of bugs.

Number twelve was at a café.

We made perfect time and got to the last place at ten to nine ... but the shop was already closed which was strange ... but we went in anyway.

Then, we went home.


1. Dancing Bear Inn
Jackie Tahara

2. The Royal on Baker
Elizabeth Casey

3. Kutenai Clothing Company
Glen Backus

4. Kootenay Bakery Cafe
Linda Kalbun

5. Craft Connection Cooperative
Courtney Anderson
Lance Hall
Maureen McEwen

6. Kolmel Silver and Gold
Rick Foulger

7. Touchstones Nelson
Leah Weinstein

8. Bigby Place
Yvonne Munro

9. Kootenay Currency Exchange
Sally Johnston
Keira Zaslove

10. Whitehouse Backpacker Lodge
Sandra Irvine
Eddy Hofbauer

11. Isis Essentials
Janet McIntyre

12. All Seasons Café
Rachel Yoder

13. Hemp and Company
Graham Jones


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artist: Matthew Tyas
album: Music for the movies vol1
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from: Oloron Sainte-Marie, France
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artist: pharmacopia
album: For The Stilling Of Volcanoes
track: Saint Patricks Eve, Surburban Tribal
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