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Show 91 Sunday 2 July

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sunday kitchen
#12 Sushi

In Japan, people don’t usually make sushi.
They buy it.
You can buy it at the supermarket or convenience store.
Or you can go to a restaurant.

There are some very expensive sushi restaurants.
And some very cheap ones.

The other day, I went to a very cheap sushi restaurant.

In this restaurant there is sushi going around on a conveyor belt.

On the bottom of every plate is a bar code.
Every time around, a machine reads the bar code on the bottom of the plate.
And when the sushi has been on the conveyor belt for too long it’s automatically pushed into a rubbish bin.


You can take whatever you want to eat off the conveyor belt.

Or you can order something.

First look at the menu and choose what you want.
The number next to the sushi tells you which page of the electronic menu it ‘s on.
For example, natto makki is on page number seven.
So, find page seven, press natto, then press the number you want to order. Then press “chumon”, which means order.
Inari zushi is on page 4. Kappa maki is on page 8.

The sushi you have ordered comes on a red plate, that says
“go cyumon hin” which means “ordered thing”.
When the red plate approaches, there is a beeping sound.

We ordered inari zushi, kappa makki, kanpyo maki, natto makki, nasu, and some wagashi.

The tea is free. You can have as many cups as you like.

We ate the sushi with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce.

There are some rules when you eat at this sushi restaurant.

Don’t smoke.
Don’t let your sleeve touch other the sushi on the conveyer belt when you are taking sushi off.
Don’t put sushi back on the conveyor belt once you have taken it off.

Be careful not to burn yourself when you are pouring boiling water into the tea cup.

This hole is for plates only. Don’t put your hands, chopsticks, spoons, or toothpicks in this hole.

Unfortunately, the sushi at this restaurant isn’t very good.

The only reason you might want to come here is for the excitement of throwing the plates down the hole.

When you throw 5 plates down, you have a chance of winning.

The first time, I didn’t win.

The second time, I won!

I won this great pen.


Music today by David Aubrun, from Orleans, France.
From the album My Revolution.
You can listen to the album here at Jamendo.
This is David Aubrun's site.