Thursday, April 06, 2006

Show 4 Thursday 6 April

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Kia Ora, In Stick News today, Eminem is divorcing his wife Kim again, less then 3 months after they remarried.

The Grammy and Oscar winning rapper Eminem, married Kim for the first time in June 1999. The marriage ended in October 2001 in an ugly legal fight that included a custody battle over their daughter.
The couple reconciled in late 2004, and then remarried in January this year.

The filing of divorce papers by Eminem yesterday was confirmed by employees of the Macomb County clerk’s office and reported in gossip columns all over the internet.
And that was Stick News for Thursday 6th April.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#4 What’s the problem
This conversation is from the movie Love Actually.

Daniel is worried about his son Sam and talks to him to find out what’s wrong.
Step1: Repeat Daniel’s lines.
Step 2: Read Daniel’s lines on the screen and talk to Sarah!

Daniel So, what’s the problem, Sammy-o?

Sam You really want to know?

Daniel I really want to know.

Sam Even though you won’t be able to do anything to help?

Daniel Even if that’s the case.

Sam Okay. Well, the truth is – actually – I’m in love.

Daniel Sorry?

Sam I know I should be thinking about Mum all the time, and I am, but the truth is I’m in love and was before she died there’s nothing I can do about it...

Daniel Aren’t you a bit young to be in love?

Sam No.