Saturday, February 13, 2010

#1167 If It's Kiwi It's Good

Show 1167 Saturday 13 February
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It was a lovely summer's day in Tāmaki-makau-rau.
So I grabbed the chilly bin, put on my jandals and went to the park.

At the park I slip slop slapped and then took my Buzzy Bee for walk.
We saw a flying fox made of tyres and wire, number 8 wire, probably, that's what everything in New Zealand's made of.

We saw a few birds. No Kiwis, though. They were probably asleep.
We played on the seesaw, the swings and the slide.
We read a book.

Then we had a picnic.
We had marmite sandwiches. New Zealand marmite of course.
I ate the north island, then the south island.

It was a bit early in the day for the feijoa vodka, so I put that back in the chilly bin and drank the feijoa smoothie.

I had some kiwifruit some hokey pokey ice cream and some L&P.
Then I tried mixing them all together.
Yum. It tasted good.

If it's Kiwi, it's good.



artist: Kevin MacLeod
tracks: Future Cha Cha, Royal Banana
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States
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