Saturday, September 25, 2010

#1315 Responses

Show 1315 Saturday 25 September
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Which is the best response?

I was in a car accident yesterday.

a. Are you OK?
b. Is that OK?

She won the award.

a. Really? She must be thrilling!
b. Really? She must be thrilled!

I’m sorry I can’t make it.

a. That’s too bad.
b. You’re too bad.

You can use mine.

a. Are you sure?
b. Is it sure?

My grandfather’s really sick.

a. I’m sorry about that.
b. I’m sorry to hear that.

The event was cancelled.

a. What’s a shame.
b. What a shame.

And then he said, “You’d look better if you lost 5 kilos.”

a. What jerk!
b. What a jerk!

She decided not to go.

a. Why is that?
b. What is that?

I had to tell him he’d lost his job.

a. Wow, he must have been tough.
b. Wow, that must have been tough.

When I got home I realized my zip was undone.

a. How embarrassing!
b. What embarrassing!

Guess what? I got the job!

a. That’s great! Congratulations!
b. That must be great! Congratulations!


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artist: Kevin MacLeod
track: Future Cha Cha
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States

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album: Mystic Opus
track: Question
from: Toulouse, France

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